Luber-finer Filters Keep Trucks Running On The "Ice Road"

Luber-finer Filters help keep ARS Trucks rolling, even when temperatures reach 70-degrees below zero.

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For fans of the History Channel program Ice Road Truckers, Allen Scraba’s name may be familiar. He and his company, ARS Trucking & Welding of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, were featured in an episode from the famous “ice road” that helps connect Yellowknife to the Diavik Diamond Mines. While his work in relation to the trucks that traverse the ice road has gathered the lion’s share of attention, Scraba has committed equipment and manpower to projects in some of the harshest conditions in the world. To keep these projects from turning into nightmares, Scraba has turned to the Luber-finer brand from Champion Laboratories, Inc., for all of the filtration needs for his vehicles.

“We’ve been using Luber-finer filters for at least 25 years,” says Scraba. “Luber-finer is just quality, and if you don’t have quality, you don’t have anything. After 25 years on the ice, I know what I’m doing, and when you start getting down to the 40, 50, 60, 70 belows you have to be able to count on the equipment you use. I’ve always been able to count on Luber-finer. If it doesn’t say Luber-finer, it doesn’t go on my trucks.”

The reliability and dependability Scraba gets from all of the Luber-finer lines is of the utmost importance to his drivers. In conditions as severe as those in which his vehicles operate, breakdowns must be avoided at all costs. However, if they do occur, it can put the driver at extreme risk when you’re dealing with temperatures that can easily reach -70 F. That’s why the only labels you’ll see on the shelves at Scraba’s shops in Edmonton and Yellowknife say Luber-finer.

“When I have to count on it, I have to count on it, and we’ve been running Luber-finers for years and years and have had no issues with them,” says Scraba. “That’s why all you’ll find in my shops is Luber-finer. It’s what I buy and it’s what I use. I tell my customers they have two choices: use Luber-finer or go somewhere else.”