Donaldson Showcasing Product Line at 2011 EXCON

Donaldson will be showcasing its hydraulic, fuel and air filtration products at the 2011 EXCON show.

Donaldson Company, a worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, announces that the company will showcase a host of hydraulic, engine liquid and air filtration solutions at 2011 EXCON, the Sixth International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Show. The exhibition takes place November 23 to 27, 2011 – Donaldson Booth 414-415 (Hall 3, Lower Level) – at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

From air induction to exhaust venting, Donaldson offers complete end-to-end coverage for the construction and aggregates industry, including air cleaners and replacement filters, fuel and lube filters, hydraulic and transmission filters, exhaust and emissions systems, as well as a wide array of accessories. The following is a sampling of products that will be showcased at Donaldson's booth.

Hydraulic Filtration – Duramax Generation 2 Hydraulic Filters

Donaldson Duramax has been the industry standard in spin-on hydraulic filtration for decades. Duramax Generation 2 filters provide even more high performance filtration and greater configuration flexibility. They include Synteq XP media technology, which delivers superior filtration efficiency to meet ever-increasing system cleanliness requirements and increased dust holding capacity, which extends filter life. In addition, a unique head-to-filter interface accepts either a spin-on filter or aluminum housing with cartridge filter – allowing customers to choose the option that works best for them.

Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration Technology

As fuel and lubricants are transferred from the refinery by truck, stored for a period of time and then loaded again into another truck for delivery, contamination is often inadvertently introduced. Additional storage or transfer to equipment for use risks further contamination. Donaldson bulk fuel and lube filtration solutions clean fluids by strategically placing filters throughout the transfer and storage processes, protecting engines and equipment by eliminating contamination before it's pumped into vehicles.

Fuel Filtration

Donaldson offers comprehensive coverage of fuel filter applications in both on-road and off-road vehicles, giving customers more options to protect engine components and to extend equipment life. The Donaldson line-up delivers performance that meets or exceeds application requirements and offers features that make them easy to install and more convenient to use. Many of the fuel filters include Twist&Drain valves, which make them among the easiest to service and use in the industry. This Donaldson-exclusive valve has been designed with a wider, easy-turn "thumb and forefinger" profile, self-venting, allowing for easy water flow, and a single threaded port in the bottom of the filter housing for fast and easy water draining – without the awkwardness of multiple sensor and drain ports.

Air Filtration

Nearly 100 years ago, Donaldson produced the first engine air cleaner; and continues to deliver innovative air filtration solutions today. Donaldson works directly with OE partners to create increasingly higher levels of protection for critical components, offering integrated filtration for even the most technologically advanced engines.

PowerCore G2 Filtration Technology

Manufactured with Ultra-Web nanofiber media, PowerCore G2 filtration technology offers reduced size and the geometric flexibility to overcome tight space constraints resulting from today's complex emissions systems. For given filter life and efficiency targets, Donaldson PowerCore G2 configurations can result in a 30% reduction in size from the original PowerCore filters and a 60% reduction in size from traditional cylindrical filters.

XRB Air Cleaners

Off-road equipment operators who maneuver in medium dust environments should take note of the Donaldson XRB family of air cleaners. A compact, RadialSeal, two-stage air cleaner – the Donaldson XRB Air Cleaner – provides a high level of engine protection from harmful contaminants and increases engine performance and fuel efficiency. The Donaldson XRB air cleaner family is also smaller in size compared to competitive models with similar airflow operating ranges.

Spiracle Filtration Systems with High-Temperature Synteq XP Filter Media

Donaldson's Spiracle Filtration System with Synteq XP media technology is designed to meet EPA and EU emissions requirements for off-road vehicles and equipment, which call for significant reductions in Particulate Matter (PM) from tailpipe and crankcase blow-by, plus reduced NOx levels. It also responds to OEM requirements for higher efficiency, higher operating temperature ranges and longer service

Donaldson is a complete engine filtration provider; from air intake to emissions, from crankcase to lube/fuel/coolant, even filtration of bulk fluids before they enter vehicles. Donaldson offers complete system design and the engineering know-how to optimize integrated filtration systems for OE's, plus a broad range of coverage, performance, extended service and advanced technologies for aftermarket customers.