Donaldson Showcasing Filtration Products at World Ag Expo

Donaldson will have several of its filtration products on display at World Ag Expo 2012.

Donaldson Company, a leading manufacturer of filtration technology and products, announces that it will showcase a host of hydraulic, fuel, air bulk filtration technologies at the World Ag Expo 2012 – Booth 3824 – February 14 to 16 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, CA.

Donaldson offers a complete line of hydraulic, engine liquid and air intake filtration solutions – plus exhaust and emissions technologies – for a wide range of agricultural equipment. The following is a sampling of products that will be showcased in Donaldson’s World Ag Expo booth:

Duramax Generation 2 Hydraulic Filters
Donaldson Duramax has been the industry standard in spin-on hydraulic filtration for decades. Duramax Generation 2 filters provide even more high performance filtration and greater configuration flexibility. They include Synteq XP media technology, which delivers superior filtration efficiency to meet ever-increasing system cleanliness requirements and increased dust holding capacity, which extends filter life. In addition, a unique head-to-filter interface accepts either a spin-on filter or an aluminum housing with cartridge filter – allowing customers to choose the option that works best for them.

T.R.A.P. Breathers
Donaldson Breathers with Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (T.R.A.P.) provide fast-acting protection for hydraulic reservoirs against airborne moisture and particulate contamination. Donaldson T.R.A.P. technology eliminates moisture condensation in hydraulic system reservoirs. Moisture is prevented from entering and is actually “pumped out” with each flow cycle.

Fuel Filtration
Donaldson offers comprehensive coverage for fuel filter applications in both on-road and off-road vehicles, giving customers more options to protect engine components and to extend equipment life. The Donaldson line-up delivers performance that meets or exceeds application requirements and offers features that make them easy to install and more convenient to use. Many of the fuel filters include Twist&Drain valves, which make them among the easiest to service and use in the industry. This Donaldson-exclusive valve has been designed with a wider, easy-turn "thumb and forefinger" profile. It’s also is self-venting (allowing for easy water flow) and includes a single threaded port in the bottom of the filter housing for fast and easy water draining – without the awkwardness of multiple sensor and drain ports.

TopSpin Pre-Cleaner
Pre-cleaners expel dust and debris before they reach an air cleaner. Donaldson TopSpin pre-cleaners separate up to 85% of all incoming contaminants and more than 99% of particulate 20 microns or larger. Ideal for a wide range of agricultural applications, TopSpin Pre-Cleaners stop debris and chaff from entering engine air intake systems – increasing air cleaner life, lengthening maintenance intervals, boosting air intake system efficiency and, ultimately, extending engine life.

PSD PowerCore Air Cleaners
Donaldson PSD PowerCore air cleaners incorporate two-stage filtration in a single, compact unit that delivers superior filtration performance. It’s available in both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations. PowerCore filtration technology has revolutionized air filtration for on- and off-road, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, high performance light vehicles, and a host of industrial manufacturing applications. This straight-through air flow and high density filtration solution is more compact and versatile than conventional air filtration systems.

Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration Technology
As fuel is transferred from refineries by truck, stored for a period of time and then loaded again into other trucks for delivery, contamination is often inadvertently introduced. Additional storage or transfer to equipment for use risks further contamination. Donaldson bulk fuel and lube filtration solutions clean fuel and other fluids by strategically placing filters throughout the transfer and storage processes – protecting engines and equipment by eliminating contamination before it’s pumped into vehicles.