Evans Cooling to Appear on Today in America

Evans Cooling will appear on Today in America with Terry Brashaw during a segment related to "Innovative Sustainable Solutions."

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Logo 5 27 2010

The producers of Today in America with Terry Bradshaw are pleased to announce that Evans Cooling Systems will be featured in an upcoming segment on topics, trends and issues related to "Innovative Sustainable Solutions" as part of the show's "Environmental Impact" series.

The primary purpose of an engine cooling system is to keep metal temperatures under control. Unfortunately, these systems generally rely on water as a base for coolants, resulting in low boiling points, excessive vapor, the corrosion of engine components and the highly toxic nature of ethylene glycol-based coolants. Although we've come to expect engines and cooling systems to eventually fail us, coolants offered by companies like Evans Cooling Systems are showing an ability to offset these challenges.

"Engines need to last longer, as do all the components of the engine cooling system, while operating more efficiently and improving fuel economy," says Jack Evans, inventor and founder of Evans Cooling Systems. "Our Evans waterless, non-corrosive coolants will do that and lead to vehicles with service- and failure-resistant lifetime cooling systems. Those lifetime cooling systems will ultimately save individuals, companies, fleets, and the U.S. untold millions of dollars annually."

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw combs the nation and the globe to bring viewers fascinating business stories and firsthand insights from entrepreneurs within various industries. The television show is broadcast nationally and regionally on many popular television networks. The show's host, Terry Bradshaw, is considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of the NFL. Since retiring from the gridiron in 1984, Terry has remained a familiar face to television audiences. After 10 years with CBS as a Color Commentator, Bradshaw joined Fox Sports in 1994, where he remains today as one of the co-hosts and analysts for Fox NFL Sunday.

Initial broadcasts of the segment are set to air in the New York-Albany market in April 2012.