Oil Purification Systems Announces New Canadian Distributor

Oil Purification Systems announces it has made an agreement with a new Canadian distributor, Dave's Diesel Repair, to further expand its North American presence.

Oil Purification Systems (OPS), the leader in fluid cleaning technology, announces a Canadian distribution agreement with Dave’s Diesel Repair (DDR) that will further extend the OPS brand for the trucking industry in North America. Headquartered in central Alberta, DDR will provide sales, installation and support services for new and existing OPS customers in western Canada. DDR’s primary focus will be for the OPS Eco-Pur, the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses advanced electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process and remove both solid and liquid contaminants from lubricating oil. 

“DDR and OPS share a very similar philosophy with regard to an oil maintenance program,” says Dave Szybunka, owner of Dave’s Diesel Repair. “With recent changes in emissions regulations, engines don’t run the way they used to and require more frequent repairs earlier in their lifecycle. The Eco-Pur system keeps engines cleaner and running efficiently – ultimately allowing our customers to run their engines longer than they thought possible. OPS’ technology is ideal for helping our customers save time and money, while also protecting the environment.” 

In addition to providing sales, support and service for the OPS line of fluid cleaning products, DDR will also stock Eco-Pur replacement filters and provide oil analysis kits. OPS requires that its customers perform routine oil analysis to ensure optimal engine life. Fluid analysis provides a snapshot of what is happening inside the engine and allows companies to safely extend oil drain intervals, extend equipment life and minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures.

“Dave’s Diesel Repair is known for its stellar reputation in providing outstanding service and technical knowledge to the trucking industry in western Canada,” says Greg Slawson, CEO of Oil Purification Systems. “DDR takes a very progressive approach to an engine’s lifecycle and oil maintenance program, making the company an ideal partner for OPS. We are excited to see DDR extend the OPS brand to their extensive network of small fleets and owner-operators.”