Perkins Engines Certified to Meet 2012 Emissions Regulations

Perkins announces its engines in the 75 to 175 hp range are ready to meet 2012 emissions regulations in the U.S. and Europe.

Perkinslo 10108214

Perkins has successfully completed its program for meeting the applicable U.S. and EU emissions regulations for its engines in the 56 kW (75 hp) to 130 kW (175 hp) power band, having most recently obtained the certification of its 854E-E34TA engine to U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim, EU Stage IIIB and CARB emissions regulations.

The 854E-E34TA, which offers ratings from 63 kW (84.5 hp) up to 86 kW (115 hp), joins the existing line up of four and six cylinder engines in the 1200 Series range that meet the current emissions regulations. These include the 1204E-E44TA (60 to 110 kW/88 to 149 hp), the 1204E-E44TTA (90 to 130 kW/120.5 to 176 hp), the 1206E-E66TA (90 to 130 kW/120.5 to 176 hp) and the 1206E-E70TTA (130 to 225 kW/176 to 300 hp).

Tier 4 Interim in the U.S. and Stage IIIB in Europe, which came into effect for some engine power categories in January 2012, demand a moderate reduction in the levels of NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) of between 15 and 50%, depending on rating. However, the reduction in the levels of particulate matter (PM) of up to 95% is a significant reduction, which is often achieved through the use of exhaust aftertreatment systems.

Perkins’ technology solution for meeting the more stringent emissions limits applicable to the 56 kW (75 hp) to 130 kW (175 hp) power band utilizes a combination of technologies, including a NOx Reduction System (NRS) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Exhaustive testing has revealed that the NRS/DPF pairing produces better fuel economy in customer applications compared to other technology solutions.

In addition, Perkins has tailored the aftertreatment to each engine model for best package performance, fuel economy and lifetime cost. For instance, knowing how customers actually use their engines led Perkins to design a service-free DPF for use on the 1206E-E66TA and 1204E models. These engines use passive regeneration technology that is transparent to the operator and eliminates high engine bay heat.

Commenting on the recent certification achievements for the 56 kW (75 hp) to 130 kW (175 hp) power band, Perkins product marketing manager, Allister Dennis, remarks: “While Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions regulations have proved a challenge for the industry, we have chosen to address them as an opportunity to improve both our engines and, more importantly, our customer relationships, by working with them at an early stage.

“The result has been a series of new or enhanced engines that uniquely meet both emerging customer requirements and mandated emission levels while delivering improved fuel economy and lower overall operating costs.”