Perkins Introduces New Tier 2 Engines

Perkins' new Tier 2/Stage II compliant engines are well suited for use in countries with less stringent emissions regulations.

Perkinslo 10108214

As part of its global strategy Perkins is showcasing two new engines for countries with less stringent emissions regulations. Targeted at domestic OEMs or OEMs looking to export machines into these less regulated territories, the 1106C-70TA and 1104D-E44TA are two engines that boast a host of features that make them ideal for construction applications.

The Tier 2/Stage II compliant 1106C-70TA is a six cylinder, 7 liter unit that delivers 162 kW (217 hp) and over 900 Nm (664 lb/ft) of torque, providing greater productivity through an improved power to weight ratio.

This gives OEMs the opportunity to use a smaller displacement engine in applications where typically a larger engine might have been used previously, for instance the wheeled loader market where a 9 liter engine has been the predominant choice. Not only are there benefits in terms of installation, the same productivity can be achieved more economically and with lower life costs.

Significantly the 1106C-70TA is the first engine to be developed in Perkins’ Wuxi facility in China and has been developed with future emissions legislation in mind. As new legislation is introduced OEMs will be able to migrate their machine line-ups to the next Tier/Stage engines seamlessly thanks to Perkins’ common platform strategy whereby engine envelope, mounting and connection points are similar throughout the range.

For territories where Tier 3/Stage IIIA already exists or is imminent Perkins is offering its 1104D-E44TA engine. The addition of electronics has added a bit more refinement over its mechanical predecessor, giving it more power, lowering fuel consumption yet with minimal rise in heat rejection.

Capable of producing 106 kW (142 hp) at 2,200 rpm and 556 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm, the four cylinder, 4.4 liter, turbo charged-cooled model provides OEMs an opportunity to power
their machines with a globally-manufactured engine that offers ease of changeover as Tier 3/Stage IIIA is introduced into LRCs in the coming years.

Perkins product marketing manager, Simon Gray, comments: “Construction OEMs are looking for increased efficiency, greater productivity and reassurance that their engine supplier has a full range of products across the emissions Tiers to support ease of changeover as and when this is required. These two engines offer solutions on all counts. They are tailor-made for these markets.”