FilterMag displaying magnetic filtration products at CONEXPO

At CONEXPO 2014, FilterMag will exhibit its family of magentic filters which capture harmful particles in the sub-10 micron range.

Filter Mag Xt Series
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FilterMag International, an innovative developer and provider of magnetic filtration products for industrial and consumer markets, will demonstrate its FilterMag product family at CONEXPO-CON/AGG at the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 4 to 8, in Platinum Lot Booth #8864.  

The challenge facing all oil and hydraulic filtration technologies deployed in essential assets such as drilling systems, fleet trucks, pumps and compressors is the ability to remove the smallest particles that cause the greatest wear and fatigue on parts and systems. FilterMag has developed a breakthrough magnetic filtration product family that dramatically improves the capture rate of the most harmful particles—in the sub-10 micron range—that cause three and a half times more wear than contaminants greater than 20 microns in size. As a result, life expectancies of strategic capital equipment can be extended significantly, system reliability and uptime can be improved, and operating costs can be reduced substantially. For example, a major mining company evaluated FilterMags on 28 of its diesel engines with extrapolated test results that produced a 1.6-times lifecycle extension, a 38% reduction in operating cost per hour and an overall lifecycle savings of $1.49 million based on an initial investment of $88,480 in FilterMag products.

The FilterMag Breakthrough

As a magnetic filtration solution, FilterMag products use custom-designed, heat-resistant Neodymium alloy magnets that are mathematically optimized and magnetically modeled for specific applications. These are the strongest rare earth permanent magnets in the world that are also used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. Using a patented design, FilterMags non-invasively extract wear-causing particles from oil and hydraulic fluids without interfering with the flow. In addition, FilterMag products are engineered to focus a magnetic field inside a filter that is formulated to remove damaging particles from oil operating at up to 300 F. This is in sharp contrast to most magnets that start to lose their magnetism at 180 F.