Deutz displaying engines at bauma China 2014

At bauma China 2014, Deutz will display its various engine technologies, including those which comply with the new China Stage III emissions regulations.

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Together with its Chinese joint venture DEUTZ (Dalian) Engine (DDE), DEUTZ will be exhibiting at bauma China 2014, the leading Asian trade show for construction equipment that is taking place at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai from November 25 to 28. The exhibition is held every two years with a target audience in industry, retail and service providers in the construction sector, particularly decision-makers responsible for procurement.
Cologne-based engine specialist DEUTZ will be showcasing its products that comply with the new third Chinese emissions standard (China Stage III), which comes into effect in October 2015. China Stage III is the equivalent of EU Stage IIIA in Europe. The introduction of a more stringent standard and the resultant demand for state-of-the-art engine technology offers DEUTZ the opportunity to use its advanced products to gain further market share.
One of its key products on show will be the TCD 2013 L6 2V. With a power output of 200 kW and torque of up to 1,100 Nm, the engine is ideal for use in the large wheel loaders in the five-tonne category that account for the bulk of the market in China. Further applications for this 7.2-liter engine include 25 to 30 tonne excavators, as well as road rollers and paving machines. Thanks to its state-of-the-art DEUTZ common-rail (DCR) injection system and electronic engine control (EMR 3), the TCD 2013 works extremely efficiently, resulting in specific consumption of 205 g of diesel fuel per kWh. The engine is used extensively by leading original equipment manufacturers in Europe, and it is one of the most successful products in this market segment.
DEUTZ will also be exhibiting products for more compact applications, including the D 2011 L4i used in fork-lift trucks, small construction equipment and compressors, etc. Its power output is 46 kW and it exerts torque of 190 Nm, but its most distinctive feature is its integrated cooling system with no front-end radiator which makes installation much easier and saves space.
DEUTZ will also be featuring the TCD 2.9 L4 and the TCD 7.8 L6 in Shanghai, two technologically advanced engines that comply with EU Stage IV. A modular exhaust aftertreatment system has been deployed to meet what is currently the most stringent emissions standard. Using the TCD 7.8 as an example, DEUTZ will be showcasing two components in this DVERT modular system at the show – the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).
The fourth emissions standard in China is not expected until after 2020, so the engines indicate the future for technology here. At present, they are primarily intended for use in products for export to Europe, the US and Japan, where the fourth stage of emissions legislation was reached in 2014. Engines for the Chinese market will be supplied as China Stage III-compliant models without exhaust aftertreatment, which will enable equipment for the Chinese and export markets to be built in the same way.
DEUTZ has a history of more than 30 years in China, and it will continue to expand its presence in the biggest construction equipment market in the future. In preparation for the new Chinese emissions standard, DEUTZ's joint venture DDE is also offering locally produced engines that comply with China Stage III, including both DEUTZ licensed products and its own engines.
"For us, China remains the most important market in Asia. We are resolute in our intention to expand our business here, and we remain confident in our policy of constant growth. We believe that having technology available to us locally will provide us with opportunities for market expansion," declares Michael Wellenzohn, the member of DEUTZ's board of management responsible for sales/service and marketing.
DEUTZ's location at Bauma China 2014: Hall N5, Stand number 130.