Renault Trucks partners with Rave Group to deliver fleet of Euro 6 biodiesel vehicles

Renault Trucks and the Rave Group have delivered six Euro 6 compliant biodiesel vehicles to commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

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Rave Group, in close collaboration with Renault Trucks, won the invitation to tender launched by DHL, on behalf of Airbus, by offering biodiesel vehicles. The invitation to tender concerned four tractors and two rigids, taking into consideration alternative solutions to diesel.

By combining their respective expertise in the fields of commercial vehicles, alternative energies, transport and logistics, Airbus was convinced by the two partners’ arguments and received the delivery of six biodiesel Euro 6 vehicles on Tuesday, May 5. These consist of two Renault Trucks D 4x2 rigids, a 12-ton model equipped with the DTI 5 240 hp engine and a 19-ton model equipped with the DTI 8 320 hp engine as well as four Renault Trucks D
Wide 19-ton tractors fitted with the DTI 8 320 hp engine.

These biodiesel Euro 6 vehicles offer identical performance to those of their diesel counterparts in terms of engine power rating and torque. Their engines can run on up to 100% biodiesel, a fuel made from renewable energy extracted from vegetable oils and animal fat. Airbus found this solution from Rave, in collaboration with Renault Trucks, to be particularly attractive.

The Renault Trucks Airbus D and D Wide biodiesel vehicles will be operating in the Toulouse urban area on the brand-new Air-log logistic site, devoted to meeting the logistics needs of all the Airbus assembly sites in the region and its production site at Airbus Saint-Éloi. These biodiesel vehicles will be operating daily rounds between the production sites, the subcontractors and suppliers to pick up parts to be machined or that have been machined
and transfer them from one site to another.