Komatsu releases Stage IIIB conversion kit

Komatsu is making a conversion kit available for Stage IIIB engines to allow use of pre-owned equipment in lesser regulated countries.

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From autumn 2015, Komatsu Europe will make a conversion process available to support current and future demand for pre-owned EU Stage IIIB Komatsu machinery in lesser regulated countries where Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) fuel is not available. The conversion process allows Komatsu machines to run properly in territories where diesel fuel has higher sulphur content than in Europe. The Komatsu-approved modification process will be carried out by authorized Komatsu dealers.

“Innovative design, quality manufacturing and the Komatsu CARE program mean that Komatsu preowned products are in demand across the world,” says Jim Venerus, Komatsu Europe Product Marketing DGM. “However, certain EU Stage IIIB engine technologies may not operate at peak performance levels in lesser regulated territories where non-ULSD fuel is used. The Komatsu-approved conversion process allows Komatsu dealers to provide a quick and easy solution to our customers without compromising product performance.”

The conversion process deregulates the machinery, is permanent and converted machinery cannot be used in
regulated markets.