Fendt introduces new features for Katana 65 forage harvesters

At Agritechnica 2015, Fendt announced the availability of new features for its Katana 65 forage harvesters including compliance with Tier 4 Final and a hydraulic system with self-diagnostic capability.

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Since its market launch in 2012, more than 200 Fendt Katana 65 forage harvesters have been sold on the market. This year, it was launched on the Spanish and Czech markets. It is now available in 13 European countries and has been in successful operation there under different operating conditions. In addition to compliance with the new Tier 4 final emissions standard, the forage harvester has been further optimized in response to the constantly climbing demands of the markets.

The Fendt Katana 65 is convincing, above all through its crop flow components, and produces the best chop quality. The tried and tested swinging frame directly on the intake has six feed rollers and infinitely adjustable control and ensures the best compression of the crop on the way to the cutterhead. Moreover, the Katana 65 still has the largest cutterhead on the market – now alternatively with 20, 28 or 40 knives. And a full line of headers is available for all applications (maize, grass and WCS headers).

The Visio5 cab is distinguished by high ride comfort as well as its unified operating concept, the Fendt Variotronic. The automatic shearbar adjustment as well as knife wear can be displayed in the terminal. 

Optimization of vehicle design

The cover panels and frame of the Fendt Katana 65 were optimized which reduces the weight of the machine. Furthermore, the tank design concept was also revized and can now be optionally equipped with a silage additive system, which is easily accessible and can be controlled and monitored from the terminal. Access to all major components is also crucial for daily maintenance and cleaning. The design of the Katana, with its longitudinally mounted engine, is still ground-breaking here. Optional LED lighting packages are now available for the entire vehicle, such as LED maintenance lighting all the way around the vehicle. The back of the forage harvester has been redesigned and now offers generous storage spaces for tools and fast access to the batteries.

Technically well thought out are the drive unit with ASR, individual wheel motors and intelligent four-wheel drive as well as an optional, stronger hydro motor for the most difficult conditions. Automatic maximum output control and the drive concept with the ECO/Power modes ensure optimal utilisation of the machine according to the harvesting conditions as well as maximum efficiency. New, extra wide and extra high front tires with widths up to 900 or 42-inch rims (for example, 900/60 R 38 with an average of 2.06 m or 710/70 R42 for an outer width of only 3.2 m) make the Katana 65 predestined for all operating conditions.

New, lively MTU engine

The Katana 65 is equipped with an MTU 6R 1500 engine with a 15.6-liter displacement and 460 kW/625 hp. The engine has enhanced maintenance-friendliness and is more durable and easier to care for than its predecessor. A revised engine installation, as well as a completely new cooler unit make it ready for the most adverse harvesting conditions.

The oil cleaning interval was increased from 250 hours to 500 hours which halves the maintenance intervals and saves time and costs amounting to 1 euro/operating hour.

Furthermore, the turbo-compound system now has a higher efficiency, which reduces fuel consumption and ensures more power without extra fuel consumption.

Further development of the diagnostics and setting options

The Fendt Katana 65 features a unique hydraulic system with a high self-diagnostic capability which can be called up directly on the terminal. The already excellent diagnostic capacity of the forage harvester has been enhanced with additional parameters. Moreover, the setting options on the terminal have been optimized so that operators can now save their own data individually. The button assignment on the joystick and the hydraulic flow rates can be saved individually for each operator and quickly edited or loaded. 

Series production start of the Katana 85 with new V-Cracker

The larger 850-hp Katana 85 also went into series production with the new emissions standard Tier 4 Final. Pre-tensioning with springs means more progressive power take up, which ensures the cracker can split the kernels better. The new V-Cracker is now also available for the Katana 65.

New pre-owned machine program 

Fendt introduces a certified used machine program for all machines, including the Fendt forage harvester. Authorized Fendt dealers check the machine thoroughly and offer the refurbished and certified pre-owned machine with a one-year Fendt warranty.

Benefits for customers: They get an attractive pre-owned machine, which holds its value and includes a transparent breakdown of its condition and history. Furthermore, customers have the option of extending this OEM warranty.