Fendt makes further optimization enhancements to E-Series combines

New enhancements to the Fendt 5225 E and 5185 E combines include use of Tier 4 Final engines and more spacious cabs for improved operator comfort.

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To be able to offer small- and mid-sized agricultural enterprises highly efficient, powerful combines today and in the future, AGCO/Fendt has decided to continue to optimize the 5225 E and 5185 E combines to meet the continually increasing requirements. This also includes the modern AGCO POWER engine, which complies with the latest emissions standard through the use of SCR technology. This engine technology protects the environment and is designed for the lowest operating costs.

Optimization 5225 E combine

The long service life of the efficient, sturdy and operator-friendly 5225 E combine means high seasonal performance and reliability. The machines in the “small” AGCO/Fendt combine series offer straightforward operation, as well as convincing technology and impressive power. Many components, such as the threshing unit or the straw walkers, have been adopted from the high-performance ranges and offer superior threshing quality and operational reliability in the Fendt E-Series. In addition to low repair costs, an excellent resale value secures the high profitability of the combine. Important components include the double turns made of chrome steel at the ends of the augers, the modular design of the table and elevators, which allow easy replacement of individual parts, as well as slip clutches that offer protection for the individual components. 

PowerFlow and FreeFlow tables

Whether FreeFlow or PowerFlow table – both systems do an excellent job when it comes to uniform crop feed and a high output. The Fendt PowerFlow table, with a working width of 5.50 m on the 5225 E, offers great advantages, especially when working with different types of crops – for example, it features an active crop flow. The PowerFlow belts feed the crop heads first into the threshing unit. This ensures uniform and gentle threshing of the crop under all conditions.

AGCO/Fendt offers even more flexibility with the FreeFlow table with widths ranging from 4.80 to 7.60 m. The table is equipped with a large diameter auger, Schumacher cutting system as well as a low maintenance hydraulic reel drive and is a low-cost alternative to the PowerFlow table.

Speeds up the harvest and is gentle on the grain

Whether you are harvesting grain, oilseed rape or maize – the large, high capacity 600 mm threshing cylinder in combination with the large concave area guarantees intensive, but gentle, threshing and separating. With one of the largest concave areas in its power class, the new generation 5225 E combine drives in large harvest volumes in the shortest time. In addition to the sturdy standard concave, a sectional concave is available as an option to permit flexible changeovers, for example, when going from grain to maize harvesting. 

New styling

The design of the operator environment is decisive when it comes to getting the best performance out of a machine. The new comfort cab with the Skyline roof on the 5225 E combine offers plenty of space and, through the glazed areas and large side mirrors, it provides an optimal view to the table, stubble and sides of the machine. Grain tank and unloading auger are grey like in the high-capacity Fendt combines. A comfortable sitting position is essential on long work days. The air-suspended driver seat offers maximum comfort and, in combination with the adjustable steering column, permits operators to assume a healthy sitting position at all times. The 5225 E is equipped with an air-conditioning system. The operating elements are ergonomically arranged. And thanks to the new multifunction lever, the operator has the machine under control around the clock. 

SCR – economical and environmentally-friendly

The 5225 E combine is equipped with a powerful AGCO Power 6-cylinder, Tier 4 Final engine. With a 7.4-liter displacement, common rail high-pressure injection system and four-valve technology, it delivers a maximum output of 218 hp. AGCO/Fendt relies on the fuel-saving SCR technology for compliance with the latest emissions standard Tier 4 Final according to EU regulations. The emissions are aftertreated with a urea solution. This significantly reduces the emission of particulate matter, and therefore CO2 emissions, lowers fuel consumption and prolongs engine life.

Optimization 5185 E combine

Like the 5225 E combine, AGCO/Fendt has also equipped the robust 5185 E combine, which is well suited for traditional family-run enterprises, with a new engine, the smaller 4.0-liter AGCO Power engine with 176 hp. AGCO/Fendt also relies on the fuel-saving SCR technology for compliance with the latest emissions standard Tier 4 Final according to EU regulations for these combine models.

In addition to the standard concave, the harvesting machine is available with an optional sectional concave, which increases flexibility and guarantees a speedy changeover from grain to maize harvesting.

Family styling

The grain tank and unloading auger are now in grey like on the high-capacity Fendt combines and the 5185 E sports the family styling of the Fendt combine. The 5185 E is equipped with an air-conditioning system and a new multifunction lever. The new control display provides operators with the best overview.

The new 5225 E and 5185 E combines will be fully available for the 2016 harvest.