Cummins Reorganizing Kent Operations to Improve Efficiencies

Cummins is moving its generator set assembly operations in Kent to other locations, and transforming the facility into a regional distribution and logistics center.

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Cummins Inc. announces that the company is reorganizing its manufacturing operations as part of its plan to adjust to weak global demand for power generation equipment. These moves will help best position the company for long-term success.

Over the next 24 months, Cummins plans to relocate its generator set assembly operations located in Kent, U.K. to Daventry, U.K.; Phaltan, India; and Wuhan, China. The footprint of the Cummins Kent site will be reduced as it is transformed into an important regional distribution and logistics center.

“By relocating our U.K. generator assembly operations to other locations, we can better balance our capacity with demand, and leverage our global supply chain strengths,” says Rich Freeland, Chief Operating Officer, Cummins Inc. “We believe that making these changes will improve our manufacturing capabilities and processes, enhance our customer service, and generate efficiencies by further integrating our power generation and engine supply chains.”

For nearly 50 years, Cummins has had operations in the U.K. and currently has eight manufacturing facilities and 4,500 employees across 23 sites in 17 cities.

“Cummins remains committed to our strong presence in the U.K.,” Freeland continues, “We are working to implement changes across the globe that create a stronger and more competitive Cummins and underscore our mission and values.”