New Volvo EC750E Excavator Includes Electro-Hydraulic System for Increased Operator Control

The Volvo EC750E crawler excavator features an electro-hydraulic system optimized to work in tandem with the Tier 4 Final engine to provide improvements in operator control and productivity.

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The EC750E from Volvo Construction Equipment is a 75 tonne class crawler excavator that offers the perfect combination of power and stability to deliver high capacity in most applications. Powered by Volvo’s Tier 4 Final/Stage IV compliant D16 engine, the heavy-duty excavator delivers increased horsepower of 374 kW/502 hp utilizing advanced fuel efficiency technology, ensuring extremely responsive operation for maximum productivity and profitability.

The EC750E offers an innovative electro-hydraulic system, optimized to operate in harmony with the robust engine, delivering greater operator control and productivity. The hydraulics, in combination with Volvo’s advanced ECO mode, works in unison to reduce internal losses in the hydraulic circuit – resulting in improved fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Built with the operator in mind, the industry-leading Volvo cab delivers a superior operator experience, with a low-noise environment for optimum operator productivity. Ergonomically positioned interfaces – including the joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor – and clear all-around visibility ensures maximum efficiency and ease of use. The spacious cab features ample storage and leg room, 12 air-conditioner vents and adjustable seat, keeping the operator fresh, alert and focused.

A winning performance

Even in the toughest environments, the EC750E yields superior digging performance, including maximum breakout forces of 328 kN, as well as good fuel efficiency and quick cycle times for a maximum return on investment. The well-balanced excavator features a wide track gauge, long track length, a retractable undercarriage and an optimized counterweight for solid stability, enabling operators to work with confidence in adverse terrains.

An integrated work mode system is designed to enhance fuel efficiency and machine performance, allowing operators to choose the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring the correct configuration for any job.

To further enhance controllability, these machines are equipped with high system pressure and durable tracks to ensure greater power and ease of handling when climbing gradients and traveling over unstable ground. With the ability to access hard-to-reach areas of a job site, combined with the newly developed fully electro-hydraulic system, customers can cut cycle times to a minimum and increase profitability.

Unmatched uptime

Always available and ready for any application, the durable EC750E is designed to achieve maximum uptime. The machine’s heavy-duty design, reliable and wear-resistant components, and easy service access ensure customers will get the job done quickly and without delay.

The EC750E features reinforced heavy-duty boom and arm that are built from high strength tensile steel, designed to work in harmony with the machine, maximizing uptime and performance. For added protection and reliability, even in severe conditions, steel strips are welded under the arm, and a built-in, heavy-duty plate is featured on the underside of the machine. Built with protected components, including a strong frame structure for longevity and sustained uptime in demanding applications, the EC750E enables customers to achieve almost non-stop production. 

To further maximize uptime, the machine provides the customer with quick and safer servicing, thanks to easily accessible maintenance points via the wide-opening and conveniently located compartment doors, using central and surrounding walkways.

For added safety and durability, optional FOG (Falling Object Guard) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) certified cabs provide peace-of-mind for working in tough applications. The EC750E can also be fitted with a full length track guard for added protection.

Added versatility

To increase versatility, these excavators are compatible with a range of durable attachments, including the general purpose, heavy-duty and extreme-duty buckets. Purpose-built to work in coordination with Volvo machines, the Volvo attachments form one solid, reliable unit.

Volvo’s heavy-duty and extreme-duty buckets are built using wear-resistant plates, enabling them to excel at digging compact materials. Perfect for quarrying and mining applications, customers can count on the durable machine, made from high quality materials for a long life and superior performance. To increase the bucket’s durability, Volvo buckets are built with high tensile steel, and are available with a wide range of teeth, side cutters, segments and wear shrouds for added protection.

The EC750E can be equipped with a Volvo hydraulic breaker to degrade even the most challenging materials. With consistent power and high breaking force, customers can benefit from maximum impact and durability.

Volvo also offers an attachment management system, allowing the settings for up to 20 different attachments to be stored. The system allows the operator to pre-set hydraulic flow and pressure inside the cab through the touchscreen monitor, ensuring versatility through the use of various attachments.