Kohler KDI Engines Continue to Demonstrate Efficiency and Productivity Benefits

At bauma 2016, several OEMs displayed machinery equipped with Kohler's KDI engine which has been shown to reduce fuel consumption by over 10%.

Right from its introduction to the market, the new KDI range of engines from KOHLER became a technological standard of reference within the 30-100 kW power range showcasing its ability to offer a clear, effective and functional response to a demand that is increasingly oriented towards compact engines. Thanks to the high power density, low fuel consumption and smooth yet uniform delivery of power throughout the RPM range, KDI engines ensure maximum productivity and offer an approach to limiting emissions that is effective yet easy to manage from the technical standpoint whilst requiring limited maintenance.

KOHLER DIESEL KDI, an answer for every need

Available in a number of different models and power ratings, compliant with the Tier 4 Final/Stage IV standards (56-100 kW power output range), packed with cutting edge technologies and power delivery equivalent to that of larger displacement engines (100 kW at 2,200 rpm and 500 Nm at 1,400 rpm), the KDI range offers excellent performance features that translate into concrete operational benefits for end users.

From a technological standpoint, the exceptional features of the KDI range are based on the use of high-pressure common rail injection system (2,000 bar) of the latest generation combined with G3S solenoid-type injectors aimed at precise fuel metering during the injection process. An electronically controlled EGR valve is included for recirculating the right amount of exhaust gases that are liquid-cooled by a water/air heat exchanger. The EGR system consists of two cooling stages that make it possible to optimize heat exchange without increasing external dimensions. In addition, the system is installed on the hot side, which prevents the EGR valve from seizing, therefore guaranteeing the maximum reliability. The valve train incorporates an architecture with four valves per cylinder, designed to house the injector in a perfectly vertical position and in the very center of the combustion chamber. In this way, the cylinder is filled with the exact amount of fuel which is atomized and mixed with air in the best way possible.

The construction solutions devised by KOHLER Engines have made it possible to lower the fuel consumption of KDI engines by more than 10% compared to other engines within the same category. In addition, with their high torque output idle at (412 Nm at 1,000 rpm) and excellent specific performance (torque and power), KDI engines maximize the productivity of the machines they power and instantly respond to load even at low RPMs. With these superior characteristics and perfect integration of the turbocharger and its electronic control system, KDI engines reach a level that is nothing short of exceptional. Also worth mentioning is the narrow profile that minimizes the steering radius for better handling, a feature that is particularly useful in agricultural applications.

However, the benefits of the KDI engines do not stop here. Their compact size, as an example, facilitates the installation process and provides excellent versatility in application also thanks to the four power take-offs with two additional PTOs at each side (SAE A and SAE B) that supplement the main and secondary PTOs, designed and positioned to draw the greatest amount of power from the engine.

The best-in-class features of the KDI range are based on excellent power density (30 kW/L) and torque output up to 500 Nm at 1,400 rpm with torque density equivalent to 149 Nm/L, which translates into an excellent transient response, high power availability at low engine speeds, and an increase of up to 15% in machine productivity.

Added to this are low operating costs and easy maintenance at intervals of 500 hours thanks to the clean combustion that does not require a DPF. The absence of the DPF means that less space is required in any application and that productivity is enhanced as operation never has to be interrupted to regenerate the filter. What’s more, no costly thermal protection is necessary for preventing excessive heat loss and the consequent risk of fire. The result is that the machines are compact and easy to handle and the operator enjoys better visibility, which enhances safety and improves productivity.

Driving is exceptionally comfortable, guaranteed by minimum levels of noise and vibration thanks to the use of bedplate architecture (crankcase + bedplate) for the engine block, and the (optional) counter-rotating shafts it contains.

STAGE V FEVER, the vision of KOHLER Engines

Once again, KOHLER Engines is committed to delivering state of the art solutions to its customers globally by following its inspiring guiding principle “to be on the leading edge of technology and innovation.”

By 2019, the new generation of the KDI Engines platform will see the integration of the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) to meet Stage V emissions requirements. Kohler's engineering teams are actively developing a state-of-the-art compact aftertreatment solution that will leverage the latest DPF technology and experience. The solution will be based on a passive regeneration approach and will be transparent to OEMs and end users. Passive regeneration is a continuous process that allows the DPF to perform as intended without the need to raise the temperature.

This enables:

  • Optimized solutions under all operating conditions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long service intervals
  • No impact on engine performance or machine productivity

With its Stage V solution, Kohler's KDI platform will maintain best-in-class performance and a low cost of ownership. The new generation of KDI Engines will be unveiled at AGRITECHNICA 2017

KDI, a winning solution

The success enjoyed by the KOHLER Engines KDI range is clearly demonstrated by the large number of applications present in the market and the confidence in our products shown by numerous top-tier brands in the world of construction and beyond.

The KOHLER Engines KDI range has rapidly made its mark on the market, thanks to the innovative construction technology and the flexibility of the production, features that translate into solid benefits for OEMs and end users alike.

This success was demonstrated by the many OEMs that have chosen KDI engines for their applications, many of which were exhibited at bauma 2016. These include: Avant Tecno, Bruno Generators, Bugnot Broyeurs, Elentek srl, Fiori Group, Green Power Systems, Haulotte Group, Kramer-Werke, Idrofoglia, Inmesol, JaNo, JCB, MDB srl, MultiOne (CSF), Omac, SDMO Industries, Varisco, Vietz, and Zeck.