SDLG North America to Launch Tier 4 Final Wheel Loaders

SDLG will begin introducing wheel loaders upgraded with Tier 4 Final engines and other enhancements, such as new joystick controls, in June to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

L948F wheel loader
L948F wheel loader
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SDLG will roll out Tier 4 Final wheel loaders across North America beginning this spring. The new machines are upgraded to meet emissions regulations standards in the U.S. and Canada. All four models that are currently for sale in the region are being replaced with a Tier 4 Final version.

The 2.5 yd³ capacity LG938L and the 3.0 yd³ capacity LG948L will be replaced with the new Tier 4 Final loaders beginning June 2016 (with the L938F and L948F, respectively), while the larger models, the 4.0 yd³ capacity LG958 and LG959, will be replaced later this year by the L958F and L959F in the U.S. In Canada, the rollout of the L958F and L959F will occur over a longer timetable, with the larger loaders being replaced with the new models by late 2017. 

“SDLG fills a market niche in which its customers don't require the most cutting-edge technologies for their applications, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need well-made machines that are environmentally friendly,” says Al Quinn, Director of SDLG North America.

Along with the new Tier 4 Final engines, several additional enhancements have been made to the wheel loaders, all based on customer feedback in North America.

These improvements include: 

  • A new, branded SDLG SD60 engine, manufactured by Deutz-Germany, for improved serviceability and technical interface
  • Passive regeneration of the engine to improve operator performance
  • Cab enhancements, such as no threshold on loader doors and improvements that reduce noise levels
  • Improved serviceability to the engine compartment via new compartment door
  • Chrome coupler pins for better engagement and disengagement of the quick coupler
  • New joystick control with forward, neutral and reverse directions on the joystick; first gear kickdown on trigger finger
  • Improved heating and air conditioning controls
  • Guarding on underside of front and rear frames
  • New front and rear guard plates that reduce noise and protect loader components

“We are consistently striving to improve our wheel loaders while retaining the value proposition that makes them so attractive to customers. And that is why these new Tier 4 wheel loaders will have so many additional upgrades,” Quinn explains. “Not only will customers see several enhancements to their user experience, they will be operating machines that have lower emissions.”

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