New Atlas Copco Dynapac Rollers Provide Fuel Efficiency Benefits

Atlas Copco's new CA2500 and CA3500 soil rollers include the Efficiency Eccentrics system which helps reduce energy consumption at start-up by 50%.

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Atlas Copco’s upgraded soil rollers — the Tier 4 Interim CA2500 and CA3500 — save contractors on fuel costs due to their new, patented Efficiency Eccentrics, as well as their ECO Mode systems. The two rollers also enhance productivity with their easy maintenance, ergonomic operating stations and high compaction quality.

“These new rollers have all the advanced features of our fifth generation of Dynapac CA single drum vibratory rollers, but with a key difference,” says Tim Hoffman, Atlas Copco Product Manager, Rollers. “We equipped these models with our new Efficiency Eccentrics system to reduce energy consumption at start-up, which significantly saves on fuel costs.”

Atlas Copco is the first manufacturer to introduce the Efficiency Eccentrics system to the market. The system features eccentric weights positioned toward the right of the axle, which reduces the amount of weight that counteracts the soil roller’s movement at start-up. This reduces energy consumption at start-up by 50%, which also reduces fuel consumption. The low power requirement also makes it possible to reduce the roller’s engine size without sacrificing compaction performance.

The rollers also feature Atlas Copco’s ECO Mode fuel saving system to further reduce fuel consumption. The system ensures the rollers don’t consume more fuel than necessary at a given time, which reduces fuel consumption by as much as 15%.

Like many Atlas Copco soil rollers, the CA2500 and CA3500 feature cross-mounted engines. These allow technicians to reach all necessary engine components and hydraulic systems for easy servicing, which reduces turnaround time for rental centers and minimizes downtime for contractors. Because the engines are cross-mounted rather than parallel to the frame, the rollers have optimal weight distribution. The engines’ position also contributes to the rollers’ small footprints, which help the units fit easily on a trailer with other construction equipment.

The rollers offer ergonomic operating stations, which contribute to operator productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and providing a clean line of sight of the drum. The rollers also feature Atlas Copco’s Active Bouncing Control system, as well as advanced compaction monitoring. The ABC system prevents damage to the rollers by detecting double jumping as it occurs and shuts off the roller’s vibration. This eliminates double jumping altogether, preventing damage to the rollers and over compaction of materials. As a result, contractors get more life out of their equipment and greater ROI.