PurePower Investing $15 Million in Manufacturing Capacity for New Diesel Fuel Injectors

PurePower Technologies is investing $15 million to expand manufacturing capacity for its new diesel fuel injector technology to provide growth and new market opportunities.

PurePower Technologies (PPT), a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of new and remanufactured fuel injectors for OEMs and the aftermarket, announced it is investing $15 million to expand manufacturing capacity for its new diesel fuel injector technology.

The capital investment, spread over a five-year period, provides the company the opportunity to fuel aggressive growth and product diversity, and bring new world-class diesel technologies to new market segments and customers. Since launching as an independent company from Navistar Inc. in February, PPT is leveraging its unique position as an OEM insider to deliver not only high-performance diesel fuel injection systems, but also its engineering and manufacturing expertise regarding all precision fuel, air management and aftertreatment systems for light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

“Operating as an independent company really allows us to pursue new market channels in the OEM and aftermarket space,” says Jerry Sweetland, President and CEO, PurePower Technologies. “This additional capital allows us to develop products that stay ahead of the market and deliver products that offer superior quality, durability and fuel economy as we grow and expand our customer base as a standalone company.”

PurePower Technologies has manufactured more than 25 million OE injectors, which exceed engine manufacturers’ most recent approved design specifications. Backed by PPT’s advanced manufacturing facility and its development and test center, the company’s high-performance products, including fuel systems, EGR valves, turbochargers, intake throttles and air management systems, minimize vehicle downtime and maximize productivity and revenue for truck owners and fleet managers.