Deutz Welcomes New Group of Apprentices

Deutz recently welcomed 20 new apprentices to its new training center in Cologne-Porz where they will receive vocational training.

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Twenty young men started their vocational training at DEUTZ AG in Cologne on September 1. The apprentices were welcomed by Michael Wellenzohn, member of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG with responsibility for sales, service and marketing, at the technology center.

"The start of your apprenticeship today marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Good vocational training lays the foundations for your future career, and I am therefore delighted that you have decided on a technical apprenticeship at DEUTZ AG," said Wellenzohn.

Apprenticeships at DEUTZ traditionally start with an introduction course organised by the second-year apprentices, who report on their experiences so far and give the new arrivals invaluable tips on their employer.

For the first time, the training is taking place in the new training center in Cologne-Porz, with the instructors and apprentices moving into the ultra-modern facilities immediately before the start of the new apprenticeship year. "Our new training center has everything we need to be able to maintain the high standard of our vocational training going forward and thus represents a significant investment in the future of young people," says Frank Opitz, who is in charge of the training center in Cologne.

School leavers can apply for apprenticeships in four different vocations at DEUTZ's training center in Cologne, with a choice of metalworking, mechatronics, electronics or warehouse logistics.

Seven young people have also started their apprenticeships at DEUTZ's sites in Ulm and Herschbach. In Ulm, four are embarking on a career in industrial mechanics and one in business administration, while the two apprentices in Herschbach will be training as milling machine operators.

Last year, the DEUTZ training center in Cologne was recognized as the best provider of metalworking apprenticeships in North Rhine-Westphalia, making the company one of the best in its home state. Oberhausen's Chamber of Industry and Commerce also awarded the DEUTZ training center a certificate for its outstanding achievements and exceptional commitment in respect of dual vocational training. The high quality of training at DEUTZ also benefits a number of other companies that contract out their vocational training either in part or in full to DEUTZ.