Komatsu Previews 930E-5 Mining Haul Truck at MINExpo 2016

Komatsu's new 930E-5 haul truck features a Tier 4 Final engine and up to 5% less fuel consumption.

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Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, previewed the 930E-5 haul truck at MINExpo 2016. Scheduled for availability in the second half of 2017, the 930E-5 joins a 930 line that is the world’s most popular for ultra-class mining trucks, with more than 1,900 sold worldwide.

With a 2,700 hp, SSDA16V160-4, Tier 4 Final engine, owners can expect up to 5% less full consumed and a 320-ton payload. The 930E-5 builds on a long history of success with electric drive trucks, and reinforces Komatsu’s position as a global leader in the ultra-class mining truck market.

The 930E-5 is a good match in large-scale mining applications with big bucket shovels (49-55 yd3) – such as Komatsu’s PC7000 and PC8000, loading out in six or five  passes, respectively, depending on bucket size and material density.

Examples of 930-5 features designed to improve truck performance and lower cost per ton include:

  • A powerful, 16 cylinder, Komatsu SSDA18V160-4, Tier 4 Final engine, utilizing DEF and SCR technology instead of mufflers for improved noise reduction.
  • Commonality between Tier 2 and Tier 4 engines, keeping reliability high and maintenance costs low.
  • Integration of DEF tank reservoir and delivery lines, plus level and quality sensors.
  • DEF tank designed to perform in freezing conditions - thaw capability to flow DEF within 70 minutes of equipment start; thermostatically controlled engine coolant loop in DEF sump head; heated lines from DEF tank to SCR unit.
  • Lower total fluid cost, compared to Tier 2 engine.
  • Fuel Saver Technology.
  • Tight, 48.9 ft. (14.9 m) turning radius.
  • Electric driven fan for wheel motor and control cabinet cooling to reduce horsepower loss and provide on-demand auxiliary cooling to meet thermal demand. 

A variety of options and standard features further enhance the convenience and cost saving ability of the 930E-5. These include:

  • Ergonomically designed cab with an ultra-quiet, operator exposure sound level.
  • User friendly display for payload information, fault codes and maintenance items.
  • KomTrax Plus – a complete service and support program that comes standard, this machine monitoring system uses a satellite-based communications system to offer a new vision for monitoring the 930E-5. By providing insight to critical operating metrics, the user monitors key performance indicators that drive increased availability, lower operating costs and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • PLM IV (payload monitoring system) – able to store up to 20,480 downloadable records of data, including payload, cycle times, load count and fault codes, this system serves as a critical tool to monitor truck production and prevent overload conditions that place unwarranted stress on components. The PLM IV uses a simple web interface for download and connects to other chassis systems utilizing Ethernet, CAN bus and USB technology.
  • A ground-level isolation station utilizes lock out/tag out functional switches to isolate machine power, restrict starter engagement or disable propulsion.