Volvo Penta Powering New Caffini Sprayer

Volvo Penta's 5-L engine is being used to power the new Caffini Striker Levante, unveiled at Agritechnica 2017.

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As agriculture becomes ever more a mechanized industry, farmers are increasingly looking for machines that can work the fields efficiently. The cultivation of crops is one sector that is ideally suited to this, and for machines to work optimally, they need efficient engines. Italian manufacturer, Caffini, knows this well. The company, based near Verona, was founded in 1924, initially to repair farming equipment, and is one of the first companies in Italy to have pioneered the mechanization of the agricultural industry. Since 1980, it has produced self-propelled boom sprayers and mist-blower sprayers for orchards. It is located in a valley that is known for growing apples, pears, peaches, grapes, cereals, and tobacco. And as its reputation and customer base has grown, Caffini now exports its products across Europe and to Russia, China, and South America. 

One of its most popular boom sprayers is the Striker, which dispenses pesticides and liquid fertilizers. There are three existing models in the range, with varying axle heights, from 1,250-1,800 mm, and different axle widths – for different crops – and tank capacities of up to 5,000 L. A new model, the Striker Levante, was unveiled at Agritechnica, with an axle height of 1,500-2,000 mm. Caffini uses Volvo Penta’s 5 L engines in its machines.

“We use Volvo Penta engines on our self-propelled Striker sprayer range, which are our most prized machines, and we chose them because Volvo Penta represents quality and reliability,” says Gerardo Caffini, Technical Director at Caffini. “Our customers feel safe in the knowledge that our engines are manufactured by a recognized, global brand.”

Technical solutions and reliable service 

The Striker is a four-wheel drive unit, with hydro-pneumatic suspension for stability on uneven ground, and is equipped with an anti-skid system. Mechanical track adjustment is made via a hydraulic jack lift. The twin fold-out boom arms are stabilized with an oscillating pendulum system, which assures parallel operation for even spraying. The unit is also fitted with a hydraulic trim to enable the booms to adapt to sloping terrain. It has rear cameras, and overview cameras that permit a 360 degree vision; an on-board computer enables automatic control of distribution and provides GPS positioning as well as sensors and alarms for obstacles. The Striker machines are the first sprayers in the world to be connected directly to the factory to permit data exchange and software upgrades remotely.

The Striker range is powered by Volvo Penta’s TAD571VE engine. Caffini also uses Volvo Penta’s TAD551VE and TAD552VE engines in other machines.

“We really appreciate the technical solutions applied by these engines, such as the torque value at low RPM and good fuel consumption,” says Matteo Cefali, Caffini’s Production Manager. “Volvo Penta also provides great customer service – their team consistently provides fast, efficient and decisive service, anywhere on the planet. Reliable service on a global scale is very important to us, as it means we can guarantee our customers that help is always available if they need it.”

Committed to environmental care

Volvo Penta’s TAD571 VE is an off-road, in-line 4-cylinder, 5.1-L diesel engine. It features common-rail fuel injection, overhead camshaft, and a variable geometry turbo. Its high-tech injection system contributes to efficient combustion and low fuel consumption. High power and torque are available at low rpm. It also produces low noise, and is a compact engine which is easy to install and service.

Volvo Penta revealed its new 5-L and 13-L engine solutions for EU Stage V emissions regulations, at Agritechnica, along with updated power outputs for its 8-L model.

Caffini anticipates a continuing collaboration with Volvo Penta as the forthcoming emissions stage is implemented. “We are committed to providing technological innovation and environmental care,” says Cefali.

The relationship between the two companies has been established for 4 years.

“Caffini has been a pioneer in agricultural manufacturing for a long time and is rightly discerning about what engines it chooses to power its machinery,” says Giorgio Paris, head of the industrial segment at Volvo Penta. “Our 5 L engines are a great choice for them, and for the farming industry in general, as they are powerful, compact and reliable. We look forward to continue working with Caffini in future.”