John Deere Presents Complete Stage V Ready Lineup at INTERMAT 2018

John Deere Power Systems' Stage V lineup is available in ratings from 36-500 kW, and includes the newly designed 13.6 L engine.

PowerTech EWX 2.9 L generator drive engine
PowerTech EWX 2.9 L generator drive engine
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John Deere Power Systems is prepared to lead its OEM customers seamlessly through the upcoming Stage V transition, thanks to its global field-tested experience. John Deere, among others, pioneered advanced emissions technologies for previous tiers, which were foundational for its Stage V ready solutions. 

“These trusted technologies provide OEMs and end-users the confidence that John Deere is offering a smooth transition to Stage V,” says Sandrine Couasnon, Manager, Marketing Services and Sales Engineering for Europe, Africa and the Middle East at John Deere Power Systems. “As John Deere is both an engine and vehicle manufacturer, we can leverage the remarkable global experience we have gained since 2011 to develop proven emissions solutions for our customers.”

Addressing key needs for industrial customers

Ready to meet the current emissions needs within the European Union, the industrial Stage V lineup from John Deere will offer ratings of 36 to more than 500 kW (48-670 hp) with displacements of 2.9 L through the upcoming 13.6 L.

“Through each stage of consecutive emissions regulations, John Deere provided solutions that addressed key customer needs. These included increased uptime, low operating costs and flexible integration. The same applies to Stage V,” says Couasnon. “For this stage, manufacturers will use DPF — a technology John Deere already has more than 900 million hours of experience using in the field.” 

This valuable experience on hundreds of internal and external OEM applications has resulted in a tested DPF solution, increasing uptime and offering the day-to-day reliability and durability users have come to expect from John Deere. 

Stage V aftertreatment technologies from John Deere are optimized for flexible integration and offer reduced packaging and weight from previous Stage IV solutions. And because the technologies are built on the same engine platform as current Stage IV DPF solutions, the need for OEM’s to re-engineer due to hardware or mounting changes is reduced. The new PowerTech PSS 13.6 L industrial engineThe new PowerTech PSS 13.6 L industrial engine

The new 13.6L engine from John Deere, which will also be Stage V compliant, is an outstanding example of the company’s leadership in providing innovative emissions solutions. When developing this engine, John Deere adopted a “clean-sheet design” mindset and utilized proven technologies to optimize the final product. This engine provides installation flexibility and compact packaging, allowing for easy machine integration. With this design, John Deere continues to deliver increased performance, reliability and durability, as well as overall value to its OEM customers and end-users. 

Innovating for the gen-drive market

John Deere will also offer a complete Stage V ready generator drive lineup — including ratings of 30-500 kVA with displacements of 2.9 L through the new 13.6 L. 

John Deere will also expand its non-EGR engine generator drive lineup to include a 4.5 L EWS engine, which serves both the 80 kVA and 100 kVA markets. With the addition of the new 13.6 L engine, John Deere’s lineup will soon expand to 500 kVA. 

John Deere is a trusted partner for all gen-set OEMs, offering bare engines and power units. In addition, the current John Deere gen-drive lineup provides a wide variety of selectable options. This lets generator-drive manufacturers customize their Stage V engines, allowing for easy installation into their existing designs. John Deere also offers dual frequency, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, for added flexibility. 

A global, strategic partner

The 2.9 L through the 13.5 L engines will receive the Stage V certifications prior to the regulation date, while the 4.5 L EWS and 13.6 L engines will be certified prior to production. 

“Our goal is to continue to be a strategic partner to our global OEM customers as we move into the next emissions stage, just as we’ve done with prior regulation changes,” Couasnon says. “And with our worldwide service network of more than 4,000 locations — 1,500 of which are in Europe — customers can find expert support wherever its needed.”