Hatz Premieres Connected Services for Small Equipment at bauma 2019

Digital networking of engines and machines enables optimization and efficiency improvements for customers.

Connected Services Engines
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For the first time, Hatz is setting a further industry-wide milestone in integrating light equipment as well as compact machines into the digital world of Industry 4.0 with its Connected Services. This advance means that the engine specialist is closing the gap between industrial digitalization and machines that were previously manually controlled and operated.  

Machine manufacturers, owners, users, workshops or rental companies all benefit equally from the networked services. Networking with the automated transmission of engine and machine data optimizes and accelerates existing processes, for example in the recording, transmission and evaluation of operating hours, consumption values, engine speeds, temperatures or pressures. In combination with suitable software, maintenance can be planned, operating materials and spare parts can be ordered according to actual requirements or deployment planning for machines can be drawn up.

Hatz Connected Services also provide the basis for completely new digital applications, regardless of in which machine component the data is created. The recording and bundling of data packages enable scenarios such as integration into Internet of Things (IoT) applications, cloud services, internet-based location determination, remote monitoring or geoposition-dependent operating modes such as automatic conversion to alternative fuels or low-emission eco-mode.

A variety of applications can be individually designed

The possibilities with Hatz Connected Services are individually tied to the requirements of machine manufacturers, users, renters or workshops as well as their software and IT infrastructure. Using the available engine and machine data, any application is possible and can be designed together with specialized application developers.

Digital engine control for Hatz Connected Services

Networked services for engines, machines and information technology are based on data and digital transmission paths. Hatz's electronic engine control and data interfaces represent the key technologies. As early as 2014, the company successfully established its first electronically controlled engines on the market and completed them with the new E1 technology for single-cylinder engines. For the first time, a range of engines is now available for small devices to make networked services a reality.