Cummins F3.8 Performance Series Engine to Power New Hydrema 707G Dump Truck

The Cummins engine is Stage V compliant and will be available in two power ratings in the Hydrema dump trucks.

Hydrema's New 707 G Dump Truck
Cumminslo 10108212

Hydrema has become one of the first equipment manufacturers to receive series production of Cummins’ F3.8 Performance Series engine, well ahead of Stage V emissions requirements for the 90 kW power rating.  

Cummins’ F3.8 Performance Series engine will power Hydrema’s new 707G dump truck which is available in two sizes – 90 kW (122 hp) and 55 kW (74 hp). Although Stage V requirements for the 90 kW model do not come into force until January 2020, Cummins brought forward its Stage V certification to enable Hydrema to launch both models at bauma 2019.

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Part of Cummins’ Performance Series, the 90 kW F3.8 delivers more power and increased machine capability with simpler architecture and lower weight resulting from an EGR-free design. It’s Single Module aftertreatment system combines a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in a system that’s 40% smaller and 20% lighter than Cummins’ Stage IV solution. The 55 kW F3.8 features cooled EGR and does not require the use of AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). An ECO-mode and start-stop functionality facilitate significant fuel and AdBlue/DEF savings, a key benefit considering dump trucks can spend up to 40% of their time running at idle.

Raj Chauhan, Customer Engineering Director – Europe at Cummins, says, “We are excited to be working with Hydrema to set new standards for machine performance, lower emissions and improved on-site safety. The F3.8’s peak torque increases by more than 20% at Stage V, resulting in more power at lower revs, improved fuel economy, reduced noise levels and most importantly, reduced impact on the environment.” Hydrema's New 707 G Dump Truck Rear

Hydrema’s 707G is a new design in the 6-9 tonne dump truck segment, launched to facilitate higher standards of site safety and comply with new UK regulations which aim to reduce dumper accidents on site. The 707G offers the benefits of a larger rear tip articulated dump truck (ADT), but with the compact size of a traditional site dump truck.

Thorkil K. Iversen, R&D manager at Hydrema, adds, “No other manufacturers have produced a new or different solution so far. At Hydrema we have taken our well-proven 912-dump truck and incorporated all its qualities into a smaller version. This means that we can now supply a dump truck in the 7 tonne class with excellent all-round visibility, high stability, easy one-step access to the cab and great engine performance too."

A multi-chassis version of the 707G will also be available, with the opportunity to add alternative attachments including a flatbed, salt spreader or a water or fuel bowser. The multi-chassis / tool carrier version will be supplied with Cummins’ 90 kW F3.8 engine.

Hydrema’s product range is 100% Cummins powered and has been since 2011.