T/CCI QPRV Rotary Vane Compressor

The T/CCI Manufacturing QPRV Rotary Vane compressor features a compact design suiting use in compact construction and agricultural equipment.

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T/CCI Manufacturing is introducing the first rotary vane compressor designed specifically for construction and agriculture. The QPRV Rotary Vane compressor provides a new OEM drop-in solution that is durable, compact, less expensive than a standard piston type compressor.

  • Provides performance that far exceeds equivalent displacement compressors
  • Works with small displacement engines that have tight mounting constraints
  • Dual elipse cylinder with 5-vane rotor provides extremely low gas pulsations and better NVH than other piston type compressors
  • Torque shock at clutch engagement is improved as well due to radial design of rotary compressor
  • Liquid tolerant, providing a solution to thermal migration 
  • Features higher operating speed capability, higher capacity, improved clutch design, no internal bearings and extremely compact design
  • Includes improved low friction coatings on internal side plates, and longer compressor life under adverse operating environments

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