Federal-Mogul Powertrain eLine Piston Rings

The Federal-Mogul Powertrain eLine piston rings have a running surface profile which distributes oil more evenly around cylinder bores to help improve engine efficiency.

Federal Mogul E Line Piston Ring
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Federal-Mogul Powertrain has developed the eLine piston rings for use in commercial vehicle diesel engines. 

  • Enhances gas sealing capability by stabilizing ring dynamic motion and homogenizing oil film
  • Running surface profile for use in the second groove has been designed to distribute oil more evenly around cylinder bores and to modify running face area for reduced gas pressure force
  • Enhances engine efficiency, increases robustness and lowers emissions
  • Bench tests have shown reduction in blow-by of up to 20% which converts directly into either an increase in mean effective pressure or decrease in fuel consumption 
  • Distributes oil circumferentially in consistent layer
  • Compensates for localized surplus oil drops, protects against local oil film breakdown, supports low oil viscosity strategies, improves sealing of combustion gases and reduces wear
  • Specific running surface profile has been designed to prevent radial ring instabilities, which are becoming more common due to industry trend for increased peak combustion pressures
  • Circumferential groove towards lower side allows surplus oil to be retained below the ring
  • Oil in groove reservoir creates circumferential pressure difference that generates controlled oil flow around bore as piston reciprocates, improving uniformity of oil film
  • Hydrodynamic function of running surface profile has been developed in a way that allows for reduced area for gas pressure force towards upper side of ring 
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