Tamrotor CTN4DH-W Integrated and Compact Compressor

The Tamrotor CTN4DH-W integrated and compact compressor package is designed for mobile applications in mining, construction and CAFS.

Ctn4 Dh W
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Tamrotor (part of Ingersoll Rand OEM Solutions) has added the CTN4DH-W, a fully integrated and compact compressor package, to its CT family of compressor products.

  • Fully integrated and uniform casting suits use in mobile applications such as mining, construction and CAFS
  • Designed for continuous use in harsh environments
  • Suitable for water and water/glycol cooling
  • 0.7-2.4 m3/min air flow
  • 8-20 kW (10.73-26.82 hp) shaft power
  • 5-2 bar(g) (72.52-174.05 psi) operational pressure ranges
  • Maximum operational tilting angle of 10 degrees
  • Residual oil content in compressed air 5 mg/m3 in aerosol form

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