MPCV Manual Pull Valve with Integral Reverse Flow Check

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The new MPCV08-20 can help reduce cost in medium-flow applications requiring low leakage and manual pull operation. This 2-way, pull-to-open hydraulic directional valve can be used for both manual cylinder lowering and motor reversing, and is designed for the compact, industry-standard VC08-3 cavity. Compared to using two separate valves, this combination of a manual-pull valve with a built-in reverse check function can help to reduce both initial system cost, as well as the size of the manifold. The MPCV08-20 requires a nominal pull effort of 4.5 kgs/10 lbs to shift at initial actuation, and 6.8 kgs/15 lbs at full-shift. As a poppet-type valve, it is well-suited for load-holding or blocking valve applications that require fl ow up to 22.7 lpm/6 gpm and low internal leakage of 5 dpm max. J, K, and T spring-return knob options and standard seal options are available. Although it is a 2-way valve, the MPCV08-20 requires a 3-way cavity, with the normal inlet at cavity port.

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