Advanced Machine & Engineering Amlok RLI Power-Off Rod Lock

Advanced Machine & Engineering's Amlok RLI rod lock features a holding force of 200 to 2,450 lbs.

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Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., (AME) announces the addition of a line of pneumatic rod locks, the Amlok RLI, its fourth-generation power-off rod lock.

  • Standard features include anodized aluminum construction, a heavy-duty clamp system and power-off clamping
  • Seal material is carboxylated nitrile
  • Uses dry-filtered air
  • Features release pressure ranging from a minimum of 4 bar/60 psi to a maximum of 8 bar/120 psi
  • Operating temperature ranges from 10 to 180 F
  • Maximum rod tolerance is +0.000 in./-0.002 in.
  • Options include stainless or electroless nickel-plated housing, viton seals, wiper scraper and sealed versions
  • Mounts to standard ISO 6431 cylinders or can be stand-alone using MXO, MF1, MF2 and MS1 mounting configurations
  • Available in various sizes for rod diameters of 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm, and cylinder and bore diameters from 40 to 160 mm
  • Holding forces range from 200 lbs./890N to 2,450 lbs./11kN 
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