Viega Press Fittings

The World Wide Metric Viega press fittings feature a flameless technology to ensure safe use with flammable fluids, fire suppression and in environments prone to explosion.

Worldwidemetric 10056316

Viega press fittings from World Wide Metric offers a reliable connection without the use of heat or welding during installation.

  • Can be used for multiple systems including sprinkler systems, ballast systems, fuel oil lines, compressed air systems and more
  • Use of flameless technology enables safe use with flammable fluids, fire suppression, industrial environments prone to explosion and other critical systems
  • Eliminates need for sweating, welding, grooving and threading while creating a secure connection in less than seven seconds
  • Exceeds codes and standards, and is backed by writer warranties 
  • Accessories are generally interchangeable
  • Smart Connect feature allows installers to easily identify missed or unpressed connections
  • Sealing elements come pre-lubricated from the factory and is vital for the seal to remain pliable and to guarantee a tight seal
  • Undergoes double press to create stronger connection than a single side press for additional reliability
  • Pressed before, after and on top of the sealing elements in a single step to create a permanent and secure connection



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