SANY-DYNAVIS Hydraulic Fluid Field Testing Underway

Evonik's DYNAVIS technology for hydraulic fluid is field tested by China's SANY Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. to find out overall equipment power.

Following the input of some basic data, the DYNAVIS calculator ( estimates fuel savings, return on investment and significant environmental benefits. Preliminary results from field tests have now validated these estimates.
Following the input of some basic data, the DYNAVIS calculator ( estimates fuel savings, return on investment and significant environmental benefits. Preliminary results from field tests have now validated these estimates.

China-based SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is currently conducting a field test with the new fluid formulated with DYNAVIS technology developed by Evonik Oil Additives to validate its performance in fuel savings and productivity improvements. With promising initial test results, SANY plans to introduce the innovative SANY High Efficiency Energy Saving Hydraulic Fluid, incorporating DYNAVIS technology, at the 2012 INTERMAT exhibition.

“DYNAVIS – 'More power, Less fuel' is the slogan”, explains Mr. Mao Jianhua, Deputy General Manager of SANY. “Since the benefits of reduced fuel consumption included fundamental environmental benefits like reduced CO2 emissions, we see DYNAVIS as a technology that complements our own focus on the environment and resource efficiency, and creates more value for our customers.”

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In search of more efficient hydraulic systems

The hydraulic system is a key factor in determining fuel consumption in engineering machinery. Most motions are performed hydraulically with the power derived from a hydraulic pump. All pumps, however, are vulnerable to a power-sapping phenomenon known as internal leakage. Internal leakage occurs to a greater or lesser extent, depending on working conditions. As hydraulic oils formulated with DYNAVIS technology reduce this loss of power in all temperature ranges, fuel savings are possible.

A hydraulic fluid will work optimally only within a defined temperature range. Simple monograde fluids are limited in their temperature operating range. As operating temperatures increase, their performance can weaken, resulting in sluggish equipment performance.

In contrast, high quality, multi-grade hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS technology enjoy a broader temperature operating range and thereby improve equipment productivity and fuel efficiency. At higher temperatures, hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS technology help reduce the pump’s internal leakage and the hydraulic fluid’s ability to lubricate is retained. As a result, power output is higher, fuel consumption goes down and the equipment is more responsive to operator controls. Even the normal wear and tear of seals and other hydraulic components is diminished.

Made for high temperatures

Long working shifts for equipment running at high operating temperatures willcause monograde hydraulic fluids to gradually become thinner. This results in internal leakage, a loss of efficiency as more and more thin heated oil back-washes through the pump vanes or pistons of the hydraulic pump, contrary to the intended pumping direction. Power is wasted as the pump keeps on running while the equipment response to the operator’s commands becomes sluggish and delayed. This unwanted recirculation also increases friction and further heats up already hot fluid.

DYNAVIS technology in fluid formulation reduces the loss of power due to internal leakage and puts the brakes on the resulting vicious cycle of hydraulic fluid becoming hot, thin and then hotter and thinner. The DYNAVIS-formulated fluids work to maintain the stability of the power output of the hydraulic pump, even after many hours of work under maximum load. With better agility and performance, the equipment completes more load cycles and/or realizes fuel savings of 5% and above.

SANY excavator operator notices increased power

In a pre-test of SANY-DYNAVIS high efficiency energy saving fluid, the SANY excavator operator was quick to notice the increased equipment power when compared to a non SANY-DYNAVIS fluid control. SANY managers ordered a large field test to be held in conjunction with several key SANY customers. “The fast reaction to the pre-test by SANY was impressive” said Dr. Oliver Eyrisch, DYNAVIS Global Marketing Manager, who initialized the pre-test. “We expect results from theory and previous practical experience to be confirmed once again – if not exceeded,” said Dr. Eyrisch.

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At the SANY stand at the INTERMAT exhibition, Evonik Oil Additives representatives will be available to support the SANY Team with additional technical information as they explain the DYNAVIS technology and its potential benefits to customers.