Atlas Copco previews world's largest articulated underground mining truck at MINExpo

Atlas Copco gave attendees a sneak peek at the world’s largest articulated underground mining truck, the Minetruck MT85, at MINExpo in Las Vegas, Sept. 24 to 26


Ben Thompson, Product Manager at Atlas Copco’s Underground Rock Excavation Division, explains the benefits of the company's new MT83 haul truck. “This truck is designed to fit the same drift dimensions of 50 to 60 metric ton (55 to 66 U.S. ton) class trucks with one essential difference: It will haul 85 metric tons (93 U.S. tons) which gives a tremendous productivity boost in terms of fewer trucks and more ton/kilometers per hour.”

Thompson emphasizes that the Minetruck MT85 is also fast and highly maneuverable on ramps and inclines. “Fewer cycles need to be made which, in turn, reduces the cost of transport in relation to the amount of material hauled. Not only that, the new MT85 truck now gives mining companies a more cost effective way to haul ore in the mine. It makes it more attractive to go for deeper ore bodies by ramp instead of sinking a shaft.”

The Minetruck MT85 has high capacity with a compact footprint. It is 3.4 meters (11.1 feet) wide and 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) high, easily fitting into 6 meter by 6 meter (19.7 foot by 19.7 foot) drifts. And despite its length (14 meters/46 feet), it has an impressive turning radius of 40 degrees, which is largely thanks to its electro-hydraulic steering of the rear axle that gives maximum maneuverability.

The Minetruck MT85 also offers a high degree of modularity and options. The dump box can be tipped at the side of the vehicle as well as at the rear. There are also two tailgate configurations— hinged at top or bottom, three engine power alternatives (535, 760 or 1,010 hp) as well as four-wheel or six-wheel drive.