HAWE exhibited various hydraulic components at IFPE 2014

During IFPE and CONEXPO 2014, HAWE Hydraulics exhibited several of its hydraulic components including its PSL/PSV valve series.

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HAWE Hydraulics is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated hydraulic components and controls for the mobile, industrial, and renewable energy markets.

The PSL/PSV valve series is just one of the many components HAWE Hydraulics displayed at the CONEXPO/IFPE Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.

HAWE offers a proportional directional spool valve type, PSL/PSV that can be configured to easily satisfy all the necessary hydraulic functions of a silage trailer. These functions include, but are not limited to, raising/lowering the tailgate or front gate, and operating the scraper floor drive and conveyor drive systems.

Unique modular designs allow this valve series to be configured for tractors with fixed or variable displacement pumps and permits easy adjustments via manual, remote hydraulic pilot or electrical control. Their compact design allows them to be deployed in applications where space is at a premium and consolidation is necessary. The PSL/PSV’s flange mounted design simplifies plumbing/hose runs and uses a twin solenoid configuration, unique to HAWE, that reduces wiring and allows for both proportional and on/off operation. 

These “load-sensing” valves are designed to keep the input pressure constant without being effected by the individual work units. This permits independent pressure control between the work sections/functions of the valves.  Independent pressure control allows for greater efficiency since the only power consumed is that which is required to do the physical work of each separate function, thus saving fuel and enabling precise motion control for the consumer. 

Operating pressures of up to 420 bar and maximum flows up to 200 lpm make the PSL/PSV a practical solution for agricultural machines which normally operate at pressures around 200 bar.