PSL/PSV Proportional Directional Spool Valve

HAWE Hydraulics' PSL/PSV proportional directional spool valves are composed of steel to help minimize size yet provide durability for harsh operating conditions.

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The PSL/PSV proportional directional spool valves, sizes 3 and 5, with MSHA approved coils, are manufactured with steel to minimize the overall size and provide a rugged design for extremely tough mining applications.

  • Designed as a load sense valve
  • Steel composition ensures high cutting force and reliable operation
  • Easily manages high-pressure surges 
  • Controls the direction of motion while delivering infinite speed control for hydraulic cylinders and motors, regardless of load
  • Well-suited for a wide array of mobile hydraulic applications
  • Several functions can be operated simultaneously and independently of each other
  • Available in three sizes
  • Can be tailored to specific applications
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