Eaton helps provide fast lead time of X20 pump for Sewer Equipment trucks

Eaton recently collaborated with one of its distributors to quickly develop and deliver a 420 Series open circuit piston pump, part of its X20 portfolio, for use on Sewer Equipment trucks.

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Power management company Eaton announces it provided faster component delivery to reduce lead times for Sewer Equipment with the high performing 420 Series open circuit piston pump, part of the X20 portfolio. The company looked to Eaton for high quality and innovative products to help quickly build and deliver a reliable truck.

Working to improve equipment delivery time, Sewer Equipment needed a pump that could meet or exceed the performance of the competitive pump that was currently in use, along with faster delivery and improved service. Working with distributor DTS Fluid Power, an Eaton Power of One integrated supplier, Eaton’s engineering team quickly delivered the most groundbreaking features available – customizing the 420 Series pump with multiple features to ensure it met Sewer Equipment’s needs.

As an Eaton supplier, DTS Fluid Power was able to offer the complete Eaton portfolio of industry-leading customized power management solutions efficiently and cost effectively. To ensure that a prototype pump tested as quickly as possible, Eaton and DTS Fluid Power worked as a unit to produce and hand-deliver the prototype within a condensed timeline.

“When Sewer Equipment needed an innovative pump that could help improve its equipment delivery time, we knew that the X20 Series would provide the flexibility, features and performance that the company needed,” says Mark Yates, Area Sales Manager, Eaton. “Our collaboration with DTS Fluid Power allowed us to quickly access the Power of One Eaton, and provide a custom solution with improved service and lead times for the updated trucks.”

Sewer Equipment tested the prototype pump by installing it on a truck that was going into production at the time of delivery, and found that it met all of their needs. As a result, the customer has been installing the 420 Series pumps on its products over the past year and are very satisfied with their performance.

Because of this collaboration, DTS Fluid Power entered Eaton’s X20 Challenge and was the winner in the second round. The challenge recognized customers who have used Eaton’s X20 portfolio of open circuit piston pumps innovatively to solve unique problems and positively impact platform applications.