Poclain adds electro-proportional servo-control with feedback to PM50 pumps

Poclain's addition of the electro-proportional servo-control with feedback system on the PM50 pumps enables more accurate pump control.

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Poclain Hydraulics announces the electro-proportional servo-control with feedback system is now available on the PM50 hydraulic pumps.

This feature provides an opportunity for customers to design machines that offer optimal driving comfort. Thanks to its technology, the Q control enables extremely accurate control of acceleration ramps, but also eliminates any sudden jolts when accelerating or braking.

The feedback system corrects displacement variations caused by varying pressure during an application (pressure variations in the system). The speed of the machine is thus maintained whatever the movements and variations in pressure, which again increases its accuracy.

The user will be able to move their machine with ease and position precision.

This control is well suited to cutter-type applications, harvesting machines, finishing machines, sweepers and more.