Hydre-MAC Direct Drive Radial Piston Motor

Eaton introduces its Hydre-MAC direct drive radial piston motor which uses less energy to provide more power when needed in variable speed applications.

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Power management company Eaton announces the launch of Hydre-MAC, a low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive, radial piston motor – featuring a cam lobe design – for variable speed applications that uses less energy to deliver more power when needed.

  • Offers class-leading low speed performance
  • Features MacTaggart Scott heavy-duty motor design 
  • Provides efficient, reliable and serviceable power
  • Increases component life with two inlet and outlet ports reducing pressure drops at high power
  • Generates less overall heat overall
  • Symmetrical 18 piston/roller assembly design eliminates piston side-loading and reduces wear and tear
  • Drop-in replacement capabilities reduce switching costs by eliminating need to replace the machine shaft and torque arm
  • Repairable wear surfaces, including shaft seals, wear rings, piston seals and bearing pads, can be replaced on-site 
  • Currently available in 20,160 cubic centimeters per revolution (ccr) (1,231 cubic inches per revolution [cir]) and 25,320 ccr (1,546 cir) displacements
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