Poclain MHP20 and MHP27 Hydraulic Motors

Poclain Hydraulics' MHP20 and MHP27 hydraulic motors, being introduced at Agritechnica 2015, feature are designed to achieve high speeds and power levels.

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Poclain Hydraulics has launched the next generation of hydraulic motors, the MHP20 and MHP27, to meet the productivity and fuel efficiency needs of today's agricultural equipment OEMs and their customers.

  • Represent keystones of company's new High Performance range
  • Features new configuration designed to permit high rotation speeds (up to 370 rpm) and power levels (up to 280 kW)
  • Shape optimized to help provide fuel consumption and reduced emissions benefits 
  • Eliminates losses normally created by hydraulic motors, boasting efficiency level over 90% even when working at highest speeds due to reduced displacement
  • Part optimization and use of direct drive (no gear ratio) to lower internal components' speeds help reduce noise levels 
  • Compact and modular design facilitates ease of installation
  • Features large displacement range between 1,430 and 3,500 cc
  • Various distribution valvings enable up to three discrete displacements to be used which permits adjustment of characteristics to required performances level
  • Closed cover and high sealing protection protect against chemicals, dust, dirt, water, shock and other elements found in harsh operating conditions
  • Strong attachments and heavy-duty bearing support enable handling of high external loads
  • Potential applications include use in self-propelled sprayers, grape/olive harvesters, forage harvesters and windrowers
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