Rexroth A10VER Axial Piston Variable Motor

The Rexroth A10VER axial piston variable motor includes a reversing operation to clean dust and debris from engine cooling systems.

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With the axial piston variable motor A10VER from Rexroth, manufacturers of construction, agricultural and forestry machinery can achieve compliance with exhaust emission values with low system costs and less installation space for the hydrostatic fan drive.

  • Offers cleaning function for coolers via reversing operation without additional components for applications with high dirt and dust loads
  • Reversing air flow ensures dirt, dust or plant parts are removed from cooling fins
  • Efficiency of hydrostatic fan drive is increased by eliminating need for additional reversing valve, leading to potential fuel savings
  • Available in the sizes 30 ccm, 37 ccm and 45 ccm
  • Up to 16% shorter than customary products
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into system solutions for hydrostatic fan drives from Rexroth such as the axial piston variable pump A1VO and A10VO, the BODAS RC control units from the Series 30 and the Software Automatic Fan Control AFC30 


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