HydraForce G3 'Drop In' Cartridge Valves

HydraForce's G3 'drop in' style cartridge valves draw less current while generating more actuator force to create faster response times.

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HydraForce has released the G3 line of ‘drop-in’ style cartridge valves.

  • Draws less current while generating greater actuator force to create faster response in hydraulic transmission, powertrain, diesel engine, pilot control, fan drives and other hydraulic applications
  • Several styles are available – Model SV on/off solenoid valves, Model EHPR direct-acting proportional pressure reducing/relieving valves and Model TS pilot-operated proportional pressure reducing/relieving valves
  • Flow rates range from 1 to 8 gal/min (4 to 30 l/min) at operating pressures of 450 to 650 psi (20 to 45 bar), depending on the model
  • Redesigned magnetic efficiency ensures minimal amount of current is used, allowing valve to use same size coil but generate two to three times magnetic force with up to 46% less current draw
  • Higher on/off force levels provide maximum flow capacity 
  • Reconfigured coil features electrical connector on top, rather than the side
  • Top-mounted connector saves space by allowing tighter spacing between multiple valves, but also provides easier access from the top to attach wiring harnesses
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