Components in Action

GOMACO chose Hägglunds’ motors for a tough application.

A good foundation is crucial to the success of most projects, and highway pavement is no exception. The smoothness of the sub-grade is important to ensure the long life of the concrete or asphalt surface. Strict quality standards are common today, and with them the demands on road contractors and machines have increased.

Ida Grove, IA-based manufacturer GOMACO specializes in concrete paving technology, designing and building intelligent high-tech road construction equipment such as trimmers and pavers. GOMACO's customers know the importance of a good foundation or sub-grade.

Hydraulic systems need a good foundation, too. On the trimmerhead of its versatile trimmer/placer 9500, GOMACO recently specified Compact CA hydraulic motors from Hägglunds Drives, a Swedish company with offices in Columbus , OH .

Trimmer/placers are designed for grade trimming or accurate placement of concrete on the grade with end dump concrete delivery. Front-mounted trimmers allow for trimming to the end of each pass and close to obstacles.

Thanks to the high power capacity of the Compact CA motor, GOMACO could institute a design change and switch from two separate motors to one to drive the trimmerhead, thereby achieving cost reductions. By leaving one side of the trimmerhead free, easy changing of the trimmerhead width was made possible, as well. At the same time, the motor from Hägglunds Drives provided long life and easier maintenance.

"The cooperation with GOMACO has been excellent", says Jeff Harlow, Hägglunds' regional sales manager. "We have a common view on the importance of versatility, reliability and high quality in our products. Our hydraulic motors are engineered for use in demanding environments, perfectly suited for these types of tough applications."

Tom Bell, product improvement manager, GOMACO, says: "We have conducted some harsh field tests with this unit and have found that the motor holds up under the most extreme of trimming conditions. When our test unit was disassembled at Hägglunds' location in Columbus , there was virtually no sign of wear on any of the internal items. Component life and reliability are the most important things our end-users consider."

Using the Hägglunds Compact CA 50 motor has given GOMACO the ability to use multiple size motors which each have the same frame size. "Since the physical size is the same," says Bell , "it has helped us utilize this particular motor in different model trimmers with different power requirements, without having to completely redesign the attachment."

"This is a major time-saving factor for us," says Bell . "Hägglunds has been very supportive in developing this motor for our application and they have proven they will stand behind their product."