Fresh start, fresh ideas

Even though new ideas are implemented throughout the course of the year, the New Year always seems to symbolize a clean slate for a fresh look at, in our case the magazine and its content. To start, we have revamped our most popular section, the Economic Outlook, to include three more industry insights previously not monitored: Defense, Mining and Oil & Gas, and On-Highway Trucking. I hope you find the additional charts beneficial and provide you with some insight you didn't even know you needed.

We also want to welcome Curt Bennink back to the OEM Off-Highway team. In a different life, Curt was the lead editor of OEM Off-Highway magazine before migrating to a sister publication, Equipment Today. Curt will be providing us with a powertrain article every issue. This issue he took a closer look at the CNG and LNG engine market. While the fuel itself isn't new, it certainly has been garnering a lot of attention recently because of large natural gas discoveries and the (never heard before) promise of oil independence.

In the social media world, we added ourselves to Pinterest to give you all a fun place to go for design inspiration and to see some crazy equipment that's out there. You can join Pinterest and browse our boards at I figured that since our goal at OEM Off-Highway is to invigorate and inspire the inner creative genius in our product development team members, what better way than to offer an outlet to inspire and be inspired?

There are even more projects and updates on the horizon yet to be implemented as we continue through 2013, and I hope that anyone with an idea, a bit of encouragement or a criticism will reach out to me so that we continue to keep you in consideration as we morph the magazine and its segments. 

Be sure to investigate our Special Section with a focus on electronics and sensors, as well as the several digital articles we write specifically for the web and our digital edition. If you're not already receiving the digital edition, go to so you don't miss out on other great articles and digital exclusives content.

If we're going to be a part of this highly technical industry, we best be capitalizing on the advanced technologies available to magazine publishing and content delivery! We have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.