I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about this issue. Within these pages you will find:
  • One Brazilian beauty on page 12 ... it's a machine, not a person (sorry guys);
  • Two new columns, "Technology Breakdown" on page 20 and "The Smart Center" on page 50; 
  • Three articles in our Special Section on the Operator Environment starting on page 28;
  • Four engine companies discussing the trend toward smaller engine sizes in our Powertrain column on page 44;
  • Five sources contributing to Sara Jensen's investigation into lighting safety regulation development on page 52; and
  • Six different technologies incorporated into Exmark's latest mowers for improved performance and fuel efficiency on page 56.

That's not everything either. There's always more we can write about in this industry, and we're always on the hunt for hidden gems to cover. New technologies are always emerging, rare machines are being thought up every day, and we want to hear about them! Especially in our yet-to-be-officially-launched column, "Extreme Machines!" where we seek the weird, the crazy and the most extreme equipment found in unique locations, applications and conditions. What is the most specialized piece of equipment you've ever seen, heard of or had a hand in creating? Tell us about it now (like, immediately!) Send an email to [email protected]

Another story on the horizon, but looming closer every day, is CONEXPO & IFPE 2014. Happening in early March next year, we've already started gathering story leads for exclusive coverage in OEM Off-Highway's March issue heading to the show. And we're doing something really special for our show issue. We're smashing two magazines into one binding and creating a flip magazine. Two halves covering one massive show. It's new, it's exciting and we'd love for you to be a part of it. If you have an equipment or product launch you can announce in the pages of OEM Off-Highway magazine, we want it! Are you toting a particular message or effort to address an industry challenge or concern? Tell us more. 

The overall message I'm trying to send is, "Keep the conversation going." Our readers are insightful and vocal about what they like and what they don't like (and thank goodness you like a lot of stuff) but we want to learn more about what challenges you face, what engineering feats you're accomplishing, and what topics you want to learn more about. Let OEM Off-Highway be your guiding light to finding answers for the questions that impede your ability to do your job effectively. 

Stay tuned for our highly anticipated State of the Industry issue in October. Want to participate? Email me for details. [email protected].