Too much for one magazine to hold

Once again, fellow editor Sara Jensen and I have successfully produced more content than we can economically fit into the print pages of the magazine. As a content developer in the engineering community, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut back on coverage as the topics of interest seem to grow exponentially. Our ever-popular State of the Industry issue is filled to the brim with interesting corporate executive insights into the developing global economies, the technologies of the future and the always-plaguing question of, What keeps you up at night?

While reading through the responses, I was particularly drawn to the answers regarding technologies on the horizon and what the off-road equipment industry needed to propel itself forward. The drive toward intelligent design and smart systems is an exciting time to be in the engineering community, which is why we developed The Smart Center column to try and highlight those game-changing systems.

On top of the Q&A's, we also investigated the growing usage of mobile technologies during the design and manufacturing processes and had our Market Forecaster Frank Manfredi deliver a data-driven evaluation of 2014. Allen Shaeffer, Director of the Diesel Technology Forum provided OEM Off-Highway with an exclusive analysis of the diesel industry and all of its moving parts (pun intended).

When all was said and done, we had a plethora of articles for you to read that we just couldn’t squeeze in, so find them all in our digital edition. You can read them all online as well, but the digital edition adds that often unappreciated element of design which makes magazines so enjoyable to read. Our digital edition also allows us to reach new industry members around the world, and since it’s free to subscribe, please pass along the subscription form (available online at to your fellow coworkers across the pond, the border and everywhere in-between.