Bridging the gap between mechanical control and complex PLC systems

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Deep Sea Electronics plc (DSE), these new engine controls have been engineered to a high standard, offering many advanced features.  Flexibility is a key feature allowing OEMs to standardise on one product whilst covering many different applications.  Settings can be easily changed using the intuitive DSE Configuration Suite PC software and also via the front facia of the modules, allowing the products to be easily adapted.  PIN protection is provided to prevent accidental or unauthorised alteration of the operating parameters, sequences, timers and alarms.

The design of the new DSEE400, is a compact, waterproof version of the already established DSEE800, with a combination of 11 multi flex and digital inputs, a dedicated emergency stop input and 7 configurable outputs. A sophisticated level of information showing engine protections, status, alarms and an eight event scheduler, is displayed on a clear LCD screen in multiple language options, making the unit suitable for overseas projects.

The DSEE800 has been established for eighteen months and has become a trusted asset for the control of some of the most demanding engine applications, providing an advanced level of engine protection and functionality.  With 23 configurable digital and ratiometric inputs, 8 configurable DC and PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs, remote communications and sophisticated data logging and trending, the module offers the same easy-to-use interfaces for the installer and the user.

A number of high profile projects are using the modules in dewatering, pump, hydraulic power packs, and other applications.  In the UK a major Pump Hire company chose them for their fleet of mobile pump sets used in flood control & dewatering applications.  The rental company liked the user-friendly nature of the DSEE800 and the easiness of the programming software.

Sjaak Kuiper of Techno Gamma (Netherlands) has experience of the modules in a variety of applications.  One such application is for a company specialising in pump sets for dirty (sewage) water.  The sets are powered by Cummins diesel engines and controlled by DSEE800 modules.   The module has CAN (J1939) connection to the Cummins CM850 ECU, allowing easy installation and precise control. Sophisticated diagnostics are available to the operator.  Customer’s comment:  “ The E800 is good quality and reliable - both key for remote applications.  It is also easy to use the configuration tool”

Both the DSEE800 and the newer DSEE400 controllers are compatible with conventional engines and the latest Tier IV electronic (CAN) engines,  providing built-in governor control, pump control (Fill, Empty, Maintain Full, Maintain Empty), automatic and manual speed control including speed ramping, clutch control and flexible automatic start control.  The CAN features include full diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration management to help prolong the life of the engine.   Many other features are engineered into these modules that make them an attractive proposition for OEMs, saving engineering time on panel wiring whilst at the same time offering some very sophisticated control solutions and protections.

Although DSE is reasonably new to the Engine Control market, it is no stranger to the control market.  “Established over 40 years ago, we are the market leader in controls for gensets, ATS applications and intelligent battery chargers.  The expertise and knowledge within the Company has made the transition into Engine Controls very smooth, and with the research and extensive testing we give our products, we are confident the DSEE400, along with the more established DSEE800, can offer an improved alternative to traditional mechanical controls, for applications where PLC control is just too complex or cost prohibitive.” (Mark Wass, Divisional Sales Manager, Deep Sea Electronics plc)

The DSEE800 and DSEE400 are both suitable for use in other engine applications such as compressors, conveyors and off highway equipment.


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