The close of another year

The Year in Review was created to compile the most popular content and topics of the year to try and find the major talking points and trends of the past 365 days. 2015 was a tough year for most companies. The depressed global markets of agriculture, mining, and oil and gas significantly impacted equipment demand and consequently OEMs and component suppliers alike. 

Because of the stressed and volatile nature of the equipment industries, many of our readers were seeking market information anywhere they could find it. Several of the articles that made this year's Top Ten list involve foreign market conditions and projections. 

A close runner-up to the Top Ten Articles list, Europe hopes to master the digital transition, demonstrates the information our readers were hungry for in 2015. During a joint political summit in Europe including CECE and CEMA, several economists highlighted bright spots for the future of the off-highway industry amongst the turmoil and constraints of the present. According to Antonio Mura, Director at CRESME Ricerche, even though the construction industry is experiencing its worst year since 2009 in 2015, there will be significant growth, as much as 17% until 2019. 

David Phillips of Off-Highway Research stated that as the Chinese construction equipment market tumbles and headlines are made with crises and scandals from Russia to Brazil, we see the unusual situation that sales growth is concentrated in Europe and North America. (Read more economic information discussed at the Summit.)

Since the off-highway industry has yet to show strong signs of turnaround in the struggling markets of ag, mining, and oil and gas, 2016 market coverage and 2017 projections will continue to be a strong editorial focus for the next year.

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Onward to a brighter and stronger 2016!