KWF-Tagung Announces Innovation Medal Winners

On the first day of KWF-Tagung 2012, eight KWF Innovation Medals were given out to developers of innovative forestry-related products.

During the opening day of the 16th KWF-Tagung in Bopfingen, eight innovative forestry-related developments of the exhibiting companies and institutions were awarded a KWF Innovation Medal. The winners were selected by a jury of professionals. The winners prevailed from a field of 28 nominees in eight categories. The awards ceremony for the prizes – which have now been awarded for the sixth time – was conducted by Philipp Freiherr zu Guttenberg, President of the Association of German Forest Owners.

The commissions of specialists reviewed more than 100 applications in 2012. From among these numerous innovative products, the respective committees made nominations after thorough discussions and examination. A jury of professionals chose the prize winners from this group.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Work Safety:

Grube KG; Meindl Airstream “Timber Cat” safety shoes

Safety shoes equipped with the new Meindl Timber Cat system significantly help reduce the number of accidents in the woods due to falls, tripping or slipping. Steel claws are integrated in the shoes; these can be extended and retracted while the shoes are being worn using a device embedded in the sole of the shoe.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Bioenergy:

S & Ü Hydraulik und Maschinenbau GmbH; HGT homogenous dryer

For the continuous flow drying of wood chips to a precise final moisture content, the S & Ü homogeneous dryer sets new standards in terms of efficiency and quality. It allows fast, uniform and efficient drying of bulk goods in a fresh air/exhaust air process with a simple modular design.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of IT:

Wahlers Forsttechnik GmbH; Visiosens timber counter

The Wahlers Visiosens timber counter permits the number of timber units to be determined easily, economically and automatically. Photographic documentation of wood timber is possible, thus providing a hitherto lacking control measure within the timber supply chain.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Short Timber Harvesting:

HSM Hohenloher Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG; HSM 405H3 large-sized timber harvester with X250 H100 crane

The HSM 405H3 large-sized timber harvester, together with the innovative Epsilon X250 H100 crane, extends the applicability and performance of wheel-supported, fully mechanized timber harvesting systems in thinning dominated by large-diameter timber in semi-natural commercial forests in central Europe.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Long Timber Harvesting:

Konrad Forsttechnik GmbH; Mounty KK1 cable crane cab system

The Mounty KK1 cable crane cab system, with its innovative automatic doors, hydraulically supported cab adjustment and a cabin shape that is optimized for the field of view, fulfills the highest requirements in terms of safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Municipal Technology:

AST GmbH - mecaplus Geländearbeitsbühnen; Mecaplus ME 12 SL and ME 16 SL terrain work platforms

Mecaplus terrain work platforms offer maximum ergonomics, safety and efficiency for park and tree care. Four-wheel drive, axle leveling up to a 30% ground slope, foot control and media outlets in the basket set new standards.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Transport Technology:

Doll Fahrzeugbau AG; Ratio plus: combined positive steering and self-steering – a new concept in the transport of long timber

The Ratio plus concept combines the advantages of positive steering and self-steering in the transport of long timber. A significant plus in safety and efficiency is ensured by the improved steering response and increased driving stability.

The winner of the KWF Innovation Medal in the category of Forest Establishment and Forest Management:

Martens Forsttechnik GmbH; MARTENS Shorty – telescopic rod for marking wood

The new, short Martens “Shorty” telescopic rod reduces spray exposure and soiling of the user while increasing the range, thus offering improved work safety and significant advantages in terms of its handling.

KWF Innovation Medals are awarded to products in which the functioning has changed significantly or whose application makes new procedures possible or significantly improves well-known methods. What is decisive for selection are the expected positive impacts on the utility value, on logistics, on work safety, on the environment and on the energy situation. The awards procedure has been revised in 2012. Especially promising products are nominated in advance as medal candidates and are presented. The best in this group are awarded the coveted KWF Innovation medal. During the presentation of the nominees, they are again presented in words and pictures to the press and the public, and then the winners are presented. The in-depth reviews of the committee of experts provide valuable information on innovations and trends to the professionals.