Business Success Tips for Government Work

Two construction contractors share their concerns and tips for government funded construction work

Customer Service on a Budget

Lisa Cookmeyer the COO for Trigon Associates, LLC in New Orleans is a protégé company in the American Express Open Mentor-Protégé program. Cookmeyer says the ability to adapt to a client’s desire for high quality work while not having the budget to fund their vision is her company’s greatest challenge as it grows in the federal sector. This is often a problem for a company who wants to please its customer but overlook their risks. That is, how do I provide outstanding customer service at all times and still get paid for the work we do?

No I in Team

Devon Henry is the owner of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC, a Virginia up and coming 8(a) small business that is gaining a good reputation as it grows. What has helped make Henry and his company successful? Henry says the name of his company says it all. Henry is a great sports buff, and he takes on the sports analogy of making his company a great team and making sure that everyone on his team knows their job and understands that it's not about one person being a star - it's about the team bringing in a win on every contract.

Henry has applied this successful methodology to his work with the Defense Department, Department of Homeland Security as well as the Department of Interior. He has been the recipient of some valuable coaching by firms that he's done business with by being a highly valued subcontractor. Henry is a person who takes his business seriously, pays attention to details and honestly wants to do a good job for his customer.

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Doña Storey is the American Express OPEN Advisor on Procurement and through her experiences as an active woman-owned small business contractor, she lends her expertise to help small businesses navigate the procurement maze and find success. For more information, visit