Take a journey more than 2000 metres underground with Shell's Carbon Capture and Storage project

Today, we face a challenge: levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are rising. Much of this comes from burning fossil fuels. Science tells us it is warming our planet and changing our climate. At Shell, we are helping to advance technology that has the potential to bring about significant reductions now in C02 emissions from large-scale fossil fuel usage. It's called carbon capture and storage or CCS. CCS combines technologies that have been used in the oil and gas industry for decades to capture CO2 emissions from large industrial sources and store them deep underground. Its potential will be demonstrated in Alberta, Canada by Shell's Quest project. Quest will reduce the CO2 emissions from the Athabasca Oil Sands Project by capturing more than a million tonnes of CO2 per year from its Scotford Upgrader for injection deep underground. For more information on Quest visit: http://www.shell.ca/quest